South Korean food secret to long life?

South Korea is expected to be the first country where life expectancy reaches 90. Their staple food is Kimchi, a fermented cabbage or vegetable which is full of probiotics and Vitamins A and B. It also contains lactobacilli, a good bacterium normally found in yoghurt. As more scientific evidence links Kimchi to long life especially for women in South Korea, some employers even give staff a ‘Kimchi bonus’ to help employees buy Kimchi ingredients. However, food cannot take all the credit. South Korea has excellent healthcare which also contributes to the increased life expectancy. It is not surprising for South Korea to start exporting this dish. Farmers and restaurants will also maximise profits from Kimchi if this research is anything to go by.

Samsung launches new foldable 5G phone

Global mobile phone giant Samsung will in April release a new Galaxy Fold phone. It will debut at a price of US$1 980. The device has a 4.6 inch display while folded and a 7.3 inch display when unfolded. It will also have 5G capability. 5G is super fast fifth generation connectivity, believed to be many times faster than the current 4G. Together with the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, the Galaxy Fold is expected to consolidate Samsung’s position as the leading mobile phone producer. Samsung currently enjoys 19% of the market share compared to Huawei’s 13% and Apple’s 12%. Apple is only expected to launch its 5G device in late 2020 and in technology terms, that is still a long way to go. Where are our local smartphone manufacturers?

Swedish employees can take time off to be entrepreneurs

Ever wondered why Stockholm is Europe’s second largest home of start-ups after Silicon Valley? It has a number of billion-dollar tech companies (unicorns) because over the past 20 years or so, employees have enjoyed the right to take up to six months leave from work to start their own business. As such, start-up success had been phenomenal. Spotify, with a market capitalisation of $24.5 billion on the New York Stock Exchange is a Swedish company. So is Skype which Microsoft bought for a whopping $8.5 billion in 2011. Although this leave is unpaid, it allows employees to focus on growing their own business as long as that business is not in competition with their employer. It is sad that most Zimbabweans who wish to venture into their own company may have to resign from their job because such leave does not exist.

Only 11 black billionaires

Out of the 2043 billionaires in the whole world, only 11 are black. It is encouraging that our own Strive Masiyiwa is one of those 11. Aliko Dangote, Oprah Winfrey, Patrice Motsepe and Michael Jordan are some of the black people who make up that elite list. Let us make it our business to ensure that more Africans feature on that list next time around.