The past 3 months have been quite eventful as I have experienced a lot of things that have opened up my eyes to invaluable insights. When you are out there in the real world you get to superimpose the theoretical knowledge you have onto real and tangible scenarios. I am a huge proponent of entrepreneurship and that is why I tend to look at virtually everything from that perspective. It is enthralling to see how more and more people are becoming entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe. Never mind that most are novices and most are starting businesses from the wrong standpoints; it is a step in the direction for a nation to have a boom in entrepreneurship. This article is a bit unique from my usual approaches but I shall be discussing some business inspirations drawn from the past 3 months of my life.

Events Management Hire Services Are Profitable And Need More Players

Zimbabwe is undoubtedly a very eventful country both in terms of current affairs and organized events. In this case I am talking about organized events which are held literally every week. I have written before about the potency and profitability of event management services as a business but little did I experientially know how huge it really is. In the past 3 months I have had the priviledge to be involved in the organizing and rolling out of 9 mega events across the country. I am fully convinced that starting an events management services business is a great idea. I noticed that it is most expedient to offer a holistic service but even just focusing on one specific area is enough to rake in huge returns for you.

For example, stages we hired were averaging at least US$1000 (this is just for one day’s use). That was also the same for public address (PA) systems and mobile toilet hire (the level of sophistication was a determining factor for the cost of hiring mobile toilets). Then there is the hiring of chairs – I actually noticed something interesting here and I will use Masvingo as an example. In the whole of Masvingo we only found one service provider that could provide the 10 000 we required. This meant that the only other alternative was to hire from multiple sources. My overall point here is that there is a lot of money to be made in offering event management services – more players are needed.

The Domain Of Gold Mining Is Laden With Opportunities

It is common for people to never consider venturing into gold mining because they think it is too capital-intensive. Plus some think it is all about getting dirty and mixed up in stand-offs often characteristic of artisanal mining activities (of which you can do business here without all that). That assumption, however, can be the one thing that is keeping you away from a lucrative business undertaking.

So my focus here is gold; firstly, I recently discovered that it is not that expensive to get your own claim to start mining for gold. A friend of mine actually said that with US$200 you could start the process of acquiring your own claim. This is a longer route which might require more capital injection along the way so I will talk about a venture that has quick returns. Artisanal gold miners are now central to gold mining in Zimbabwe with the government even now putting measures in place to promote artisanal gold mining. Once again a certain friend of mine told me about how gold buying is a lucrative venture. He pointed out that most artisanal miners prefer to sell their gold in exchange for bond and usually do not like to go sell the gold to the official market.

So what you can do is to bridge that gap by buying the gold from them and then selling it to the official market. The profit margins are quite significant and in no time you can raise capital for personal use or other business ventures. The other approach is to purchase on demand equipment such as detectors and other specialized equipment. For example, if a client wants to use a detector at their site the payment arrangement can be that whatever gold is produced from that site the proceeds are split 50-50. This essentially means you can recoup your initial funds used to secure the equipment in a short space of time. My friend who has since purchased one of the equipment is in the process of purchasing a detector said the average price range of the equipment starts from around US$3500 apiece. So it is with that background that gold mining might be a good business venture for you to consider.

Small Livestock Production And On-Demand Crop Production Are Hits Right Now

Lately I have witnessed first-hand how these two avenues can transform and anchor people financially. If you scan right across the country you will notice most people are venturing into these lines of business – it really is not surprising (they are lucrative). The raising of small livestock like chickens, pigs and goats are some key examples. As for crops I have noticed that horticulture is super profitable right now e.g. tomatoes, onions, water melons, green vegetables, amongst others. I would highly recommend people aspiring to start agribusinesses to consider these areas that I have alluded to. I know of 3 families right now (which I have observed in the last few months) who are financially sound in every way because these two agribusinesses.

So there you have it, some of the business inspirations that have been impressed on me in a big way lately. Do not let the current state of the economy discourage you from starting businesses. Even in torrid times like these there is still room for businesses to thrive. If you are already doing any of these businesses then you are on-track and as for those considering starting them, go for them!