I am a huge proponent of entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe. Aside from the obvious need for funding, mentorship and training programs are instrumental in nurturing entrepreneurs locally. If you are anyone with an innovative idea and you need support then take time to read this article. Starting this coming month, April, SIVIO Institute will be rolling out an entrepreneurship training program. Herein I will cover the details pertaining to the initiative and how you can be a part of it. First off, let us talk a bit about what the SIVIO Institute is all about.

SIVIO Institute

Sivio has 3 programs or centres that focus on 3 key areas. These are Sivio Centre for Policy Analysis, and Advocacy; Sivio Centre for Entrepreneurship and Financial Inclusion, and Sivio Centre for Philanthropy and Communities. The focal problems that Sivio Institute is addressing are the surging poverty and inequality, lack of adequate mechanisms to enhance government accountability, inadequate and ineffective policies for democratic consolidation and socio-economic transformation. They are also addressing the weak performance of the government’s public policies and strategies. Ineffectual participation in public processes by non-state actors and limited trust between state and citizens are also its focal area. Sivio Institute is addressing communities’ dependency on donors and the narrow framing of democracy. Let us now look at the entrepreneurship training program:

SIVIO Institute Centre For Entrepreneurship

Call For Applications: Victorious Companies Entrepreneurship Training Program

The Victorious Companies Initiative under SIVIO Institute aims to empower business leaders to leverage opportunities presented to them by creating strong mentoring and support structures through training in business skills, opportunity identification and problem-solving.  Applicants should have already begun operations, but their business entities should be under three years old. The entities should be applying innovative means in exploring opportunities to create sustainable and profitable ventures that address social challenges or gaps in the Zimbabwean economy and society.  At the end of the training, entrepreneurs will receive mentoring from experienced industry leaders to enable them to scale-up their businesses.

This pilot program has been designed to initially select applicants from Harare and Bulawayo. Selected applicants will be judged on the innovation, feasibility, scale-up potential (i.e. the growth potential) and the problem-solving capacity of the business ideas. Applications are invited from across the industry spectrum.


Applicants should meet the following criteria comprising 8 attributes. They must be above 18 years of age. They must have access to a reliable internet connection and a personal computer. They must be available to meet a mentor once a week for 3 to 6 months post-training. A willingness to travel for the course must be there. Applicants are required to submit a one-page profile, business canvas model plan and a cash flow projection. The applicant’s company must have been in business for a maximum of three years. The applicant’s company must be innovatively addressing social problems; scalable i.e. with potential for growth and with profit-making potential. Lastly, the applicant’s company should be operating from Zimbabwe.

Course details

The course will be conducted in a blended learning approach with both online engagement and face to face contact with mentors and trainers. Online learning and practical sessions will be conducted over a maximum of 15 weeks.

What The Trainers Want To See In Your Application

Trainers want to see creativity and innovation in addressing social challenges. They also expect to see completed documents (one-page narrative of your business, completed Business Canvas Model and completed cash flow projections). The scale-up potential of your business must be evident and obviously your entrepreneurial skills must be apparent.

What You Stand To Gain

You will get 6 months of mentorship in business skills. You will get networking opportunities with new clients and potential funding partners. You will become part of a strong alumni of Zimbabwean entrepreneurs under the Victorious Companies’ banner.

How To Apply

To apply, send your completed profile (one page of your business outline, completed business canvas model and 12-month cash flow projections) to the following email: entrepreneurship@sivioinstitute.net on or before the 16th of March. The application portal opens on the 28th of February and closes on the 16th Of March 2020. No incomplete or late applications will be accepted.

I urge all local entrepreneurs, especially young entrepreneurs to take up this great opportunity. If you know of anyone who might need this kindly let them know. Do not miss this opportunity!