Over the past 3 or so years I have been amazed at the many things people overlook in Zimbabwe. I guess it boils down to how observant you are and more importantly how informed you are. I am always keen on noting the many business and entrepreneurship opportunities out there. Recently I spoke about market research as a business idea. That is something I noticed people might not be giving a thought to. Yet ironically market research is integral to any business or startup venture. Today my focus is on resume (i.e. curriculum vitae (CV)) and cover letter writing – an overlooked business idea.

The Need

Just imagine how many resumes are sent out every day all over the world. Many people even give accounts of how they have sent out resumes to over a hundred companies. Resumes are central to the journey of anyone on a job hunt. This shows you that companies are receiving countless resumes every day. These can be unsolicited resumes or those sent in response to calls for applications. The question becomes, how can your resume stand out from the many resumes sent?

The answer lies in having a professionally done resume. Here comes an interesting fact, most people do not know how to put together a resume. Some think they know yet when you see their resumes you are left wondering. The truth is so many people are clueless when it comes to the tenets of writing proper resumes.

Did you know that it is not necessarily appropriate to have a one-size-fits-all resume? Best practices indicate that a resume must be specifically tailored for a job you are applying for. Moreover, it is also best practice that a resume must be performance-based. When you are presenting a resume it is as if you are presenting a pitch deck. Yet most people present resumes that are as good as just a mere profile. In Zimbabwe this is a serious issue; most resumes you come across are poorly done.

This presents a need; a need most people do not even realize they have. I remember some time back someone asked on a WhatsApp group about how much it would cost to get their resume done professionally. When I mentioned the amount they laughed it off thinking it was ridiculous. That is just an example of the many people in Zimbabwe who think a resume can be written anyhow. Many people are never called for job interviews and think it is some voodoo when it could be a poorly written resume.

All the dynamics I have discussed apply to cover letters as well. Cover letters might not always be requested especially when applying for jobs in Zimbabwe. However, if you are looking for grants, scholarships, and the like, cover letters are inevitable. Cover letters are typically contextual and the word limit makes it particularly difficult for many.

There is an American publishing company that has sold millions of books just on resume and cover letter writing. This clearly shows you that there is a huge demand for the service of resume and cover letter writing.

The Prospects

Writing a resume or cover letter might sound simple but it is an art and a science. That is why paying for someone to write them for you can be inevitable. Pricing of such services varies depending on the context, complexity, and skill set of the service provider. Typically getting a resume or cover letter done can cost anything from US$10 to US$30, or even more.

The remarkable thing about offering this service is that clients will be paying for your skillset per se. It is the equivalent of knowing which screw to turn which people tend to think must cost less since you could turn a screw yourself. Appreciate that when someone knows what to arrange and how to arrange it, that is a huge service. Anyways, if you work on building your brand awareness you can be working on numerous resumes and cover letters every month. The operating costs are limited to zero meaning the profit margins are quite good.

The other great thing about this business is that you get better with time. The more you work on a particular area the better you become with time. You will also realize that previous work completed can become templates you use to work on future gigs. It is a very simple business idea but one whose services are needed the world over. Give it a shot this year and you could be making easy money like never before.