Ready to cook meals is an interesting industry if you ask me. Today I want to let you in on an interesting business idea – ready to cook meal kits. It still baffles my mind why this is not yet a thing in Zimbabwe. It is apparent that many Zimbabwean lead busy lives. I would like to think that ready to cook meals would be a huge hit amongst Zimbabweans. This could be an area you have never heard of or never contemplated. Yet it could just be the perfect business idea for you. Let us delve into important things you must know about a ready to cook meal kits business idea.

Ready To Cook Meals – What Are They?

Read to cook meals is food that is prepared in such a way that it will need to be either heated or cooked before being eaten. The basic idea is that the food will need to have its core temperature raised to a certain level. Ready to cook meals can also be defined as an animal or plant-based food that is washed, cooked, frozen or processed to be consumed directly after heating. The nature of how the food will need to be heated or cooked varies; in some cases, it will even need to be baked. Clearly, this shows you that there are many types of ready to cook meals that can be prepared.

In most cases, ready-cooked meals will be frozen before being consumed to preserve them. I mentioned baking – this means ready to bake dough can be prepared and sold. Alternatively, you can come up with premixes – an interesting concept even used in livestock production. For example, you can prepare and sell premixes for baked foodstuff such as muffins.

You probably have seen or even used mixed vegetables usually sold out there. I am talking about those where the individual ingredients (e.g. carrots, peas, and broccoli) will already be chopped. That is a basic example of a ready to cook meal but the possibilities are infinite for all edible foodstuffs.

Huge Business Prospects In Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, there is an appreciation for ready to cook meals. Ready to cook foods such as instant noodles and instant porridge are many people’s favourites. I am confident this means there would be widespread acceptance if you push the envelope. Imagine the prospects of a Zimbabwean getting into a food outlet and buying a whole ready cook meal for one person. I am sure many Zimbabweans would love that – it is worth exploring.

Large global businesses are specializing in ready to cook meal kits. It is wise for you to take some time to look into them. Notable examples of such global businesses are McCain Foods, ConAgra Foods, Nomad Foods, Greencore Group, and 2 Sisters Foods Group, just to mention a few. In Africa, some of the notable countries that were ready to cook meals are popular are Egypt, Nigeria, and South Africa. So there is nothing that can stop the surge of the ready to cook meals market in Zimbabwe. It is simply a matter of doing a study on what meals are commonly eaten daily. Then you work towards coming up with ready to cook meals for the same. The market is already there; people are waiting for this convenience. Ready to cook meals are all about convenience so that customers do not have to spend lots of time preparing food. It also, in a way, primes people to eat healthy hot or warm food which is recommended.

In coming up with ready to cook meal kits it is essential to consider dietary diversity. People’s dietary needs differ due to a wide array of reasons or health conditions. For example, some are diabetic, some are obese, some have high blood pressure, and so on. To have a wider market reach you will need to offer products that cater for all. It is also important to consider lowering or excluding things like cholesterol, gluten, preservatives, and like. Additionally, you must prioritize the inclusion of important nutrients e.g. protein, fibre, and calcium. This is a business idea that can flourish in Zimbabwe; I highly recommend you consider it.