A home builder (also known as a home contractor) is anyone who constructs or develops houses. It can be an individual or in most cases a company. Their core focus is constructing houses as a line of business. Locally the property development boom has been on-going for a while now. It might interest you that being a home builder is a very lucrative business venture. This article is all about exploring the products that you can sell to home builders locally. Selling products to home builders wields tremendous business prospects.


Bricks are the main building block when it comes to construction. Various types of bricks can be made. Some are low quality whilst some are superior quality. Clay bricks are some of the most common types of bricks here in Zimbabwe. There are also concrete ones which are adored for their robustness. Other types include common clay bricks, and calcium silicate bricks (made from sand-lime). Selling bricks to home builders can be in two broad ways. You can source from somewhere and resell or you can manufacture them and sell to home builders.

Stones, Rocks Or Sand

The great thing about stones or rocks is that they are naturally occurring. There are of course some that can simply be picked without any mechanised processes. As for some, they would require machinery to extract and or to carve them into desired shapes. One of the most common stones used in building is granite. There are also other types such as limestone, basalt, sandstone, marble, slate, quartzite, and so on. Depending on availability and or needs of home builders you can make a business out of supplying these to them.

It would be incomplete to not talk about gravel. In Zimbabwe, the most common type of gravel is the granular one. There are many families whose daily endeavour is actually to break down the rocks into granule-size gravel. Gravel is a much-needed material in homebuilding. You can simply buy from those small-scale operators who do it by hand and then sell to home builders. Alternatively, you can make the granular gravel yourself through mechanized approaches.

Sand is another naturally occurring material that you can sell to home builders. Sand is needed in building because of its role as one of the materials that have to be mixed with cement. Pit sand is particularly abundantly available in Zimbabwe. Some rivers seasonally dry every year and expose an inexhaustible supply of sand. If you have the transport this can easily be a business you can engage in.

Window Panes And Door Frames

These items are an integral part of home construction. There are many people (small scale operators) who do this business. You would be amazed to even find out that some big brands that sell building materials source it from those small scale backyard operators. So this is an area that you can make money out of because these items are always needed by home builders.

Glass And Putty

It is a common sight to see outlets dealing in glass and putty. Glass and putty are essential to building homes. They work together because the putty works to firmly and securely keep the glass in its intended place. Glass is usually needed for windows and even doors. So you will not go wrong by providing these products to home builders.


Several types of metal are used in construction. The most common ones are steel, aluminium, and copper. There are also various types of metal alloys i.e. compound metals made from more than one metal. Metal can be in its raw manufactured form e.g. steel rods. It can also be welded or worked into certain frames or forms before being sold. Overall, metal is needed for construction right from the very beginning of the process.


Cement is another important component required in building a home. Cement is typically used in conjunction with other materials such as gravel and sand. Bricks have to be bound together and cement is pivotal to this. If you have what it takes you can manufacture the cement and sell it to home builders. Alternatively, you can source it from elsewhere and then sell to home builders. One of the products Aliko Dangote (the richest man in Africa) specializes in is the manufacturing of cement. This goes to show you how lucrative the cement business can be.


As much as asbestos, zinc and tiles are the most commonly used roofing materials, thatching is still needed. Thatch is somehow a cheaper roofing alternative which is why some home builders prefer it. Some prefer it because the construction projects in question could be themed with a local Zimbabwean feel. The bottom line is that thatch is something that you can sell to home builders. Conveniently, you can find high-quality thatch out in the wild at no cost save for transport.


This is a wide-reaching domain because it puts together an assortment of cement-based products. Thus you can find ceramic bricks (e.g. those that are not refractory) and then there are the common tiles. In Zimbabwe, you can strategically niche by focusing on tiles. Tiles can be those for roofing, flooring or walling.

Wood Or Wooden Materials

We cannot talk about construction and leave out wood. Wood is used in construction for ceilings, door frames, window frames and so on. You can supply the wood as just planks or boards (as some operations might need just that). You can also supply wooden materials that could be needed in the construction process.

These are the most common products that you can sell to home builders in Zimbabwe. As I stated earlier, you can either manufacture them or simply supply them raw, depending on the material in question.