We checked for the prices and availability of different kinds of meats in some of the largest butcheries in Harare: Texas Meats Butchery (Kwame Nkurumah Branch), Koala Park Butchery (Seke Road Branch) and Bellevue Butchery (Mbuya Nehanda Branch).


Butchery Meat Prices

ItemTexas Meats ButcheryKoala Park ButcheryBellevue Butchery
Mixed Pork$8.68$6.50N/A
Mixed Chicken Cuts$7.70$7$5.99
Beef Economy$8.79$8.40$10.60
Sausages$8.99 (Super Value Sausage)$8.75 (Chakalaka)$9.30 (Supreme Sausage)


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