You can sell almost anything, whether brand new or second-hand.  Have done a couple of articles on or mentioning arts and crafts. It is one area that you can choose to commercialize. Probably you are skilled in that area already or you can learn the trade. You simply even outsource the required skillset and bankroll the operations. Given its diversity, I see huge potential in that area that remains untapped. There are so many things we can talk about regarding the arts and crafts industry in Zimbabwe. That is a subject for another day though; today let us explore places where you can sell your arts and crafts in Zimbabwe.

Online Places

Selling stuff online has picked up steam in Zimbabwe, especially since 2020. You must take advantage of that trend by tapping into the digital economy. You can reach almost anyone in Zimbabwe and beyond. I shall list some of the online places where you can sell your arts and crafts.

However, bear in mind that you can still go a step further and set up your online store. I would encourage you to seriously consider this as not many people are doing this in Zimbabwe. Just a basic online store; does not have to be complex or expensive.

Then we have social media sites – these are a must! From WhatsApp Business to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, amongst others, these are ‘online stores. You can effectively use them to sell your items with ease.

All in all, use all these options in unison to produce maximum results. Here are some online places where you can sell your arts and crafts through:

Online Musika

Online Musika is one of Zimbabwe’s biggest online marketplaces which allow both businesses and entrepreneurs to open their very own online shop and sell nationwide ensuring quality delivery through the Online Musika Delivery Team. Online Musika facilitates consumer-to-consumer (C2C) retail by providing a platform for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs to open online stores that mainly cater to consumers in Zimbabwe and abroad. They are available on WhatsApp, their contact is +263 714 175 055. They are also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also contact them via email at

Kuva Local

Kuva Local is a Zimbabwean e-commerce startup that provides a platform for locals to sell their products or services. One of the unique value propositions Kuva Local comes with is an active consciousness of Environmental Social Governance (ESG). This is evident in how they ensure all products sold on or through their platform are locally sourced or produced. This means arts and crafts are perfect fits for the kind of products Kuva Local would like sold on their platform. Kindly get in touch with them to know more about how you can sell your items via their platform.

Zvose Online

Zvose Online is a Zimbabwean-based online retailer offering a broad range of products and services. They have a service called Zvose Online Marketplace which provides businesses with an opportunity to grow online. Essentially they promote local businesses in Zimbabwe by providing them with access to online shoppers. To know more about Zvose Online visit their website or You can voice call and WhatsApp on +2773 070 6121 and +26377 152 9138. You can also visit their Facebook page, Twitter here or Instagram page.

Online Classifieds

Online Classifieds is part of several services offered by Webdev. They offer free or paid advertising space on 3 diversified platforms namely Classifieds (visited by over 20 000 people daily) and Yellow Pages (with comprehensive lists made available in print also). The third space is Property (more than 3 000 daily visitors) just to let you know.

Offline Places

The other broad option is via offline places or means. The basic idea is to identify any place or activity that you can capitalize on. Here are some offline places or means to sell your arts and crafts:

Physical Outlets

You can use the physical outlet option where applicable. This will depend on your capacity and volumes of production. That is why you will have to choose from 3 options. One is setting up somewhere outdoors. Two involves entering working agreements with other outlets for your items to be sold there (or you can simply supply them). Three will of course entail you setting up your outlet – it can be a space, room(s), or building.

Strategic Events And Locations

There are countless strategic events you can capitalize on. I once did an article where I highlighted some of the top markets or events to get your businesses noticed in Zimbabwe. Kindly go through that article to get an idea of the kind of strategic events you should eye. You must also check out another article I did 7 business growth benefits of fairs, shows, and expos. You can also consider strategic tourist attractions; arts and crafts can easily be there.

If arts and crafts are your forte then these are the kind of places to keep an eye on. These are basic examples and nowhere exhaustive but highly useful. Always be on the lookout for avenues you can use to sell your arts and crafts.