Do you remember Phenomenal Technologies from my two of my articles? If not, let me jog your memory a bit. Phenomenon Technologies, which was founded by Nkosana Masuku, works on creating virtual reality experiences that allow learners to travel and explore various career paths and applied learning experiences at a low cost. They use Virtual Reality (VR) because it enables the learners to have an immersive presence of the environments presented to them. Through this, students have been allowed to virtually visit locations they never thought physically possible and gain a better appreciation of what they learn as the experiences are in line with their curriculum.

Notable Achievements By Phenomenon Technologies

Since its inception, they have won many accolades which include 2018 African Union Top 10 Education Innovations, UNWTO Top 5 Tourism Tech Startups and Creative Business Cup Zimbabwe. Nkosana Masuku, the founder and CEO, also emerged as first runner-up during the Youth Connekt Zimbabwe Startup Tour Bus that was held in 2019.

Let me also point out something that Phenomenon Technologies did. There is an enterprise called DivergentLabs, which is the brainchild of Phenomenon Technologies. DivergentLabs worked on a project that has made it possible for people to tour the Bulawayo Gallery virtually. This means you can tour the gallery from a computer or mobile smart device. This has been so convenient especially given that for several months the nation was under lockdown. Over and beyond that, it also means anyone from anywhere in the world can tour the gallery remotely.

Phenomenon Technologies Latest Development

Zimbabwean startup, Phenomenon Technologies, which runs Sciency Learning has partnered with global science kits giant MEL Science in a strategic move meant to enable applied science learning in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole through the provision of hands-on experiment kits. MEL Science is a UK based organisation that specialises in subscription-based chemistry experiment kits. These kits are intended to offer interactive chemistry lessons with hands-on experiments.

The partnership was formed during the startups’ participation in the Melanin Kapital Tuungane program which enables African startups to collaborate with European companies and startups to develop SDG based solutions in the continent. Phenomenon Technologies CEO, Nkosana Masuku, said that this partnership will go a long way in revolutionising STEM learning in Zimbabwe and Africa at large.

Our long term goal is to accelerate the adoption of STEM careers in Africa to meet the demand and shortage of STEM professionals who apply themselves in solving problems met by the continent at large.”

In science education, children need to learn more in an applied way that can help them develop innovations to societal problems and to do that we need an efficient way to:

  1. Make students understand science on a micro-level through technology integration.
  2. Make students understand science- hands-on experiments (not the same old experiments in textbooks).”

Sciency Learning is an educational platform offered by Phenomenon Technologies, which incorporates augmented reality (AR) and gamification in the science learning process for students. Through AR they can bring a portable lab with applied 3D models for learners to comprehend abstract phenomena. The partnership between Phenomenon and MEL Science will allow learners to experience fully immersive science learning. The experiment kits come fully equipped with all the necessary components for experiments. This includes things like beakers, syringes, cups, safety goggles and more.

Phenomenon Technologies which previously participated in The Google Launchpad Accelerator Class 4 is the first African Startup to sign a partnership with MEL Science. Once again Phenomenon Technologies continues to make significant progress in the field of virtual reality. This should inspire young enterprising Zimbabweans that you can make a great impact on a regional and international level in technology.