How many times have you been to the perfect party? Everything was going just right and as planned and then you realise somebody forgot to buy ice. Or they didn’t organise charcoal or wood for the braai. Perhaps the organisers couldn’t find a drink that an important guest would’ve preferred. So the idea of alcohol deliveries for parties had me thinking about a mobile party supplies business. There’s a lot of opportunity in this idea if you allow yourself to think widely about it.

Party supplies

A lot of businesses have popped up in the beverages delivery game. Makes sense beverages are not just for parties but any time. With party supplies, you are looking at being a solution for multiple party supplies that people may not always have time to address in the lead up to a party. The key idea here is offering the convenience of all these party planning services with mobility. Why should people drive around looking for party supplies in 2022? This business provides all your party needs in one place. Though we should talk a little about niching in this business.

Specialities and Niching

There are a lot of ways of niching the business but I prefer to look at it in terms of the type of party. This way we can identify a few segments or niches that have specific needs and the better you cater to specific groups.

Children’s Parties

Children’s parties are a great target because little people have their own ideas about life and yet they don’t organise the parties. With little people, it’s all characters from Peppa Pig, Disney, Superheroes and whatever else they are into. Offering party decor and hiring items that meet these needs will put you in a good position.

Graduation parties

Graduation from tertiary institutions is always a big occasion. Here you’re dealing with people who know how to party and are somewhat if not totally in control of what happens there. This market is also really easy to identify in terms of trends they follow thanks to social media. Good ideas for things people organising graduation parties would like to see include photo booths, lightbox letters and more.

Braai parties

Not exactly a type of party but you will find many parties that can accommodate a braai in them. Braai stands, wood, charcoal, sauces, marinades and spices all make good ideas as things to supply via a mobile party supplies business. The other advantage here is because it applies to such a wide market you may find yourself very busy.



You’re mobile so a vehicle is necessary. I’d go for a panel van as the best to house all the stuff you will need to move around with. However, a trailer could work if you have a smaller vehicle. You will look at your offer and market, the more you can carry around the better but you can always find ways around things.

Online presence

An online presence in the form of a website, social media and clients such as WhatsApp is essential. You are dealing with products that are information-heavy. Let’s say for example a client wants napkins/serviettes. There are so many options here in terms of colour alone and if you leave everything up to the point where you are in front of customers you are bound to have a very long conversation and perhaps not the best experience with selling to customers. Use the aforementioned platforms to do some of the selling work for you. Remember if customers know the price before contacting you then you will know they have (at least partially) accepted the pricing.

 A mind for parties

You will also find the business suits a person with a mind for parties best. Someone with a wider imagination and more party experience than mine will certainly be able to come up with more innovative ideas. There is also a great opportunity for upselling here, things like photo booths are rarely ever thought of beforehand but desired by most party-goers. You can upsell things like this to customers if you can convince them that it will make their party better.

It all depends on how you apply the idea but you can find a few good niches or segments to cater to while also catering to general parties. And yes, you can include food in there too. You just have to find the right way to work with your market.