September is World suicide prevention month. Suicide is one of many issues that we deal with that has a connection to matters of mental health. Mental health is an issue for everyone and that too means businesses should get involved. There are entire business ideas that are focused on mental health and mental health-related matters. While being profitable they are also helping people to deal with issues they face in their day to day lives.

Spas and massage

Spas and massages may seem like ideas that completely come out for luxury and opulence but we should stop and think about that for a second. The condition of your body contributes greatly to the way you feel. A body that lacks rest will be stressed and that will ultimately lead to a stressed person. Physically at least but it can also contribute to mental stress. Spas and massage businesses offer therapy for bodies that are going through all sorts of things and this makes the business a good idea that helps with mental health.


Of course, mental health isn’t just about sorting out the body when it is stressed or tired. Maintaining the body in good condition also falls under maintaining mental health and this is where health and fitness businesses come into mental health. Countless studies have been carried out on the impact of a fitness oriented lifestyle on mental health. Add to that the number of people who attest to the therapeutic nature of exercise and working out. There is little doubt that businesses in health and fitness are helping with people’s mental health.


Massages and working out are great for your body and do have an impact on mental health but they are not enough especially on their own. Counsellors are very important in the mental health conversation. 2020 and the onset of the pandemic coupled with lockdown which shifted a lot of people’s lives was a test to the mental health of many. This is where counselling and therapy come in. Having someone to talk to about what you’re dealing with who can help you process your feelings is a blessing. Finding someone who is both qualified and objective is difficult to do within our circles. This business has qualification requirements.

Self care products

The conversation around self-care has certainly moved to centre stage in recent times. This may have more to do with the fact that millennials and Generation Z are becoming more self-determining as they get older and financially powerful but the conversation is growing. It is still a tricky one because the definition of self-care is still a bit murky, going by what we see on social media. Just to be clear self-care is anything that is instituted to objectively improve your life. So we are talking about things like spas, healthy food,  massages, journaling, vacations, hobbyist shops and beauty products.

Life coaching

Some mental health problems are the result of problems in real life. What I mean by this is that some circumstances in our life bring about the problems we face. This is not to say all mental health problems stem from real-life situations but sometimes you will find that they contribute to the severity of our experiences. Life coaching is about getting your life right. Life coaches are meant to help you with making sense of the conditions in your life and getting them in order. So life coaching is a business idea that helps people deal with some mental health issues or at least some contributing factors.

Adventure services

The experience of lockdown reminded many of people of just how much they love being out. Yes of course some love general entertainment and sport but one outdoor activity that is tied to helping people with mental health is that of adventure. Things like hiking, playing sport, paintball and riskier activities that get the adrenaline rushing are all included here. People find great therapeutic value in such activities and are willing to pay to experience some of these things. All you really have to do is pick your activity and start offering it.

The conversation around mental health is all-encompassing. While engaging in some of the things mentioned here is meant to help people to deal with some aspects of mental health it is not meant to be used in place of seeking professional help.