We are currently in the thick of a recently enacted 30-day lockdown. There is no telling how the year is going to go given how it has started. We could be in for a year characterised by lockdowns throughout. With that said it serves as the basis for a discussion on business ideas that can thrive during a lockdown. This is no time to sit back and think that there is nothing you can do; it can actually be a perfect opportunity for you to get into business. Here are some lockdown-friendly business ideas for your consideration:

Something To Note

Before I get into the heart of this article let me point out something. You do not necessarily have to start a whole new business per se, though that is doable. However, you can simply tweak or pivot an existing business to become relevant during the lockdown. This sounds very simple but is very informative because most of you might need this to continue making money (even more money) during the lockdowns.

PPEs And Other Related Services

This somehow goes without saying but let me just highlight. The demand for personal protective equipment is still there especially in light of the surge in the number of cases. Right now there is also an increase in the demand for DIY flu treatments. There has been an increase in coming up with concoctions used to deal with the flu. You probably have heard of Zumbani being mixed with garlic, lemons, guava leaves and so on. This means you can start a business where you provide those ingredients. Better still you can come up with a way to make the concoctions and professionally package them – some are already doing that.

Online Courses

This is a wide-ranging domain because it can apply to literally any industry. Suppose you were running a gym or fitness centre. Due to the lockdown, you cannot open due to the restrictions. You can then start offering online gym classes where people pay to tune in. The same applies to the academic field too – resort to online tutoring. It need not even be that complex – did you know that you can successfully deliver online classes using just WhatsApp? Think outside the box! You can also offer online courses on anything e.g. cooking classes, baking, clothing design, make-up artistry – the list is infinite.

Online Consultations

There is a long list of businesses that typically function using a consultancy model in some form or fashion. For example, you are a mechanic; people will usually want to inquire or get assistance on aspects of their cars. You can start doing consultations online, ever thought about that? You can leverage tech such as video conferencing to conduct a consultation online. This business approach can be applied to virtually any business just so that it stays afloat during lockdowns.

Delivery Services

Let us suppose you were running a restaurant or a liquor store. These are examples of businesses that cannot open right now due to lockdown restrictions. To circumvent this hurdle you can adopt the delivery services model. If you normally operate a business that entails customers coming to you then you flip the arrangement to be the one that goes to them. You will just have to provide for them a means for them to place orders virtually then you deliver their needs. Customers can place orders by something as simple as SMSes.

Accommodation And Services For Self-Isolation

I bet most of you have not thought of this interesting idea. Due to the surge in the number of cases you can provide a service for self-isolation accommodation. Already some of you have accommodation services businesses. Due to lockdown, there is limited movement and business has gone down. How about you provide services that are relevant to the time? Start providing services whereby people who test positive for COVID-19 can use your accommodation for self-isolation. So much money can be made from this because you can become responsible for providing all they need during self-isolation.

Creation And Propagation Of Relevant Online Content

The media fraternity obviously has to migrate to digital platforms to stay in the business. However, this goes well beyond them and also applies to the layman. Most of you are on digital platforms e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and so on. Given the voracious appetite for content especially during the lockdown, you can make money by providing it. Now is the best time for blogging and vlogging enthusiasts to make money. I know of someone who simply tells real-life creepy or mysterious stories through YouTube. Their YouTube grew from a few subscribers to more than 1 million in less than 6 months (last year). I really urge you to explore this business idea because it really works.

The business ideas I discussed can work either as new businesses or as tweaks to existing businesses. Do not let their simplicity fool you into thinking they are not really much. The complexity of an ingenious innovation or design is best showcased through simplicity. As you have seen it is inevitable that you will have to leverage on online platforms. I wish you all the best in your endeavours to keep your businesses afloat during lockdown scenarios.