Byron Kabaira, a local entrepreneur, has developed Ziminvoice, an online bookkeeping system that allows small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to perform essential bookkeeping functions. These functions include quotation generation, invoicing and payroll management.

According to Kabaira, SMEs have always been left out by the usual accounting services and this pushed him to come up with Ziminvoice. Kabaira said, “One of the major reasons why small businesses fail is lack of financial management, control and literacy. The reason why most small businesses do not have a professional bookkeeping structure is largely due to the cost of employing these services and as for freelancers, I refer to the majority of people running one-man businesses. These include designers, digital marketers and other soft-skill consultants.”

 What makes Ziminvoice ideal is the fact that it is a Zimbabwean product, tailor-made for use by Zimbabwean SMEs. Most other systems like Pastel and QuickBooks are franchised, according to Kabaira.  He also advised that Ziminvoice is easy on the pocket and because it is online based, it can be used conveniently on the go.

SMEs contribute a lot to the economy of Zimbabwe but their exclusion in mainstream financing initiatives has left them struggling to survive. Their inability to use modern technologies including bookkeeping software has also exacerbated their problems as they often fail to manage their businesses effectively. Ziminvoice will surely go a long way in eliminating this challenge.

Ziminvoice can be accessed on

For a free demonstration, use the following sign in details:


Password: 12testing