Direct access has brought many people to capital markets in Zimbabwe. First, it was the Escrow Group’s Ctrade and the ZSE followed suit by launching their ZSE Direct platform. Both platforms have fans and critics alike but their contribution to the investment atmosphere in Zimbabwe is undeniable. The more the merrier is the saying and a third direct access option has been launched – The Lloyd’s markets app. You will find it has some similarities with both Ctrade and ZSE Direct.

Lloyd’s Capital

Lloyd’s Corporate Capital is a non-member institution of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and is registered with the Securities Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe. Lloyd Corporate Capital provides human, equity and debt capital as well as training and advisory services to medium-sized businesses in Southern Africa. You can find out more about the firm on their website.

The Lloyd’s app

The application is currently available on the Google Play Store via their download link. As mentioned earlier the app shares many similarities with both Ctrade and ZSE Direct. The app is similarly set up to Ctrade and it is possible to use a previously registered C-Trade account through Lloyd’s app. This is made possible through a special relationship which would require a technical explanation. What the app shares with ZSE direct are in design philosophy with the clear plain white background and minimal use of space. It is however not compatible with ZSE Direct accounts. It’s important to note the app is still in beta or live testing so you may notice a few missing things or drawbacks but the team is working speedily to have the app up to scratch in all aspects.

Getting registered

If you already have C-Trade you can simply use your C-Trade details to log in and use Lloyd’s markets. This will display all information as it appears in your C-Trade account. If you want to create a new account or do not have a C-Trade account you will have to register. Getting registered on the app is a simple process and all you require are an email address, a digital copy of your ID, a passport photo image and a Zimbabwean bank account. It will take around 4 working days for your account to be established and ready to trade.  Steps to registration are captured in the screenshots below.


The app does have advantages over the existing options which are worth considering. Offering access to the Finsec alternate trading platform is an advantage the app enjoys over ZSE direct. With C-Trade the functionality is the same but many prefer the interface design and colours.


The clear disadvantage of this app is not being available on iOS like the other two. You may also feel the inability to access it via the web browser limits the ability to use it freely on all devices. I enjoy working on my desktop or laptop and this is certainly a drawback for me. However, they are in beta so we hope to see more functionality added soon. Other platforms such as Clubs and Unit Trusts are not yet available on the app but are being worked on.

The Lloyd’s app is a welcome addition to the market space in Zimbabwe and we hope it is only the first of many. Even where we are happy with what is currently available new entries may work better for others or at the very least broaden the choices.