It is no secret that data is very expensive in Zimbabwe. It is interesting to note that not many people can now even manage to consistently and regularly be online. This has not been the tale of individuals only but also businesses and companies. In light of offering a breather to the ailing populace, Liquid Telecom has decided to introduce a promotion aimed at its loyal business clients. The promotion is set to take off on the 23rd of March. Before getting into more detail, it is worth mentioning that Liquid Telecom has been instrumental in improving access to internet services in the country.

A Brief Synopsis Of Liquid Telecom

Liquid Telecom provides a fibre broadband-based network spanning roughly 20 000 km locally. Its services go beyond just Zimbabwe to 12 other countries in Africa. The total fibre network covers over 70 000 km across the continent – Africa’s biggest as it stands. Liquid Telecom data centres are stationed in South Africa and Kenya. The total space the racks in those data centres cover is around 19 000 square metres.

The Edu-Zones Initiative

If you have been to tertiary institutions you would have realized that there is free Wi-Fi by Liquid Telecom. At least 48 local tertiary institutions have this facility – I have seen this at Great Zimbabwe University myself. This is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative by Liquid Telecom.

The Med-Zones Initiative

Following the successful rollout of the edu-zones initiative, Liquid Telecom is currently working on providing internet access to medical personnel across the country. Their target is to cover 13 local hospitals of which so far they have done 7 hospitals.

The Promotion

The promotion will see Liquid Telecom enterprise customers getting variable discounts from 20 per cent to 50 per cent. This is meant to benefit those who have been loyal customers. The thrust of this is to help businesses operate will fewer hassles pertaining to internet connectivity. This is critically important in this day and age where cloud computing, e-commerce, online banking, and a whole lot more internet-based operations are now centre stage. Two things to clarify regarding this promotion are that it is businesses that are eligible and the sectors to be targeted will be retail, banking, and mining amongst others.

Some Interesting Things To Note

Local internet providers have been ailing for a while now due to unsustainable tariffs that they are regulated to uphold. Their tariffs have remained the same since November last year – about 5 months ago. This has been a relief for the customers; not so for the internet providers. Liquid Telecom is actually on record to have pointed out that the current tariffs are seriously unsustainable. This is no secret anyway as we all know that those tariffs, in US dollar terms, are peanuts. Regardless, the customers are also not well poised to pay more due to their financial struggles. So one wonders how Liquid Telecom can then come up with a generous promotion at such a time as this. Well, the answer lies in two things namely, necessity and striking a balance. Liquid Telecom has indicated that this promotion is necessary if they are to still be afloat in the coming 6 months. They said that the decision to settle for the promotion came after managing to strike a balance that will see both its enterprise customers and Liquid Telecom benefiting.

There are thousands of enterprise customers who stand to benefit from this promotion. It is appreciable that aside from the apparent CSR initiatives that Liquid Telecom is doing, it still continues to mete ways of relieving its customers. We still do have a long way to go in ensuring people have easy and cheap access to internet services. Most rural areas still remain inadequately covered or uncovered at all – yet Zimbabwe is at least 69 per cent rural. Overall, there is progress and more can still be done.