Growing up we used to know that the norm was rural to urban migration. This was due to the significantly better living conditions and better prospects in towns. Looking at things now the tables seem to be turning – there is a steady rise in urban to rural migration. Even for those based in towns full time they are investing in setting up homes in rural areas. Most people even consider building a home in urban areas an unwise investment nowadays. It is a heavily debated subject but an interesting one at that. In this article I want to look at a Facebook Group titled, Let Us Build Rural Homes In Zimbabwe.

Group Description

The name of the Facebook Group in question is Let Us Build Rural Homes In Zimbabwe. It was started by Melody Chipatiko just over a year ago – 13 September to be precise. It has a total of over 304 000 members. The group has 7 administrators and 7 moderators. The group affords you the platform to share ideas on designs and building beautiful rural homes. The main focus is rural homes, especially seeking or sharing advice, insights, inspirations, and so on. It is a very active group – just today alone more than 55 posts were made. In the past month, more than 1600 posts were made. The group is growing quite rapidly as well – over 7900 new members in the past week alone.

What You Can Expect

Rural Home Designs

You will find a wide array of rural home designs. These can be paper designs or pictures of completed homes. Some of them can be images copied from somewhere. In most cases, they are actual images of people’s rural home construction projects they will be undertaking. In other cases, they will be completed rural houses people get a post as design inspiration. So these can serve as inspiration for those looking to construct rural homes.

Real-Life Narrative Accounts

There are posts on people narrating their step by step rural home construction projects. This is also great in inspiring others as they get to see real-life projects unfolding. I even noticed that Carl Joshua Ncube is in the group which is quite interesting. Carl Ncube is big on rural-based life as can be evidenced by his Tourism Ekhaya project. Not forgetting his audacious life living outside a bus-cum home. His story is one worth following and people can benefit immensely from his unique journey. There are countless other real-life narratives of people’s experiences building rural houses. The takeaways each person gets from such accounts are varied but largely beneficial.

Construction Advice And Important Information

On the platform, you can ask for advice on anything related to the subject matter. There are many people on the platform willing to respond. You must appreciate that there are professionals on the platform. You will find architects, contractors, builders, craftsmen, and people from various trades related to home construction. So you can rest assured you will get some useful information if you pose a question. Some people get to randomly post informational posts on various related issues. Such posts also come with loads of vital information.

Business Deals, Partnerships, and Gig Prospects

Given the wide-ranging audience, the platforms are a breeding ground for lucrative ventures. Some of the interactions on the platform eventually culminate in business deals. It is even possible for business partnerships to emerge from the interactions. Those who can offer related services can also find gigs from the platforms. In essence, the group is a marketplace for all things construction-related regarding rural homes in Zimbabwe. What makes it a hotspot is the like-minded nature of the members. This forges symbiotic interactions whose prospects are limitless.

The engagements on every single post are great. It is a norm to find posts getting thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. This article is meant to bring your attention to this valuable Facebook group. Farming is on the rise in Zimbabwe and rightfully so because it is essential. Not only essential but it is pertinent to economic development and improvement of livelihoods. In this group you will learn all there is to know about establishing your own rural home. So if you are interested in becoming a part of the group, click here.