I am sure you are really wondering just by looking at that topic right? Well, it will make sense as you read on. I want to quickly get something out of the way before I proceed. I know the term “girlfriend” can mean so many different things given the varying contexts. In infidelity terms, it is a despicable term, particularly here in Zimbabwe. So for the avoidance of doubt just know that I am referring to girlfriend in the good sense. Thus you can interchange it with “wife” where applicable so that what I am driving at in this article will not be in bad taste.

What Do I Even Mean?

One of the most active and vocal demographics is millennials. Even if you do a quick and random check across the human experience right now you will see that millennials are leading in many aspects. By the way, millennials are those who were born at any time from 1980 to 1996. I am saying this to give a background to what I am about to say. Millennials have tremendous buying power which is why studying them is vital for businesses. In 2020 millennials spent well over US$1 trillion. Interestingly, the greatest constituent of that demographic is the females – close to 90 per cent.

So what do I mean by “invest in your girlfriend”? I am telling you that if you want to know what sells just look what your girlfriend likes or buys a lot. I can guarantee that if you do that study you will know which business to start with guaranteed returns on investment. In short, are you wondering what or where you should invest in business-wise, invest in your girlfriend! I am talking to the guys but the fundamental message is universal.

Where Or What?

I am going to look at 3 areas that somehow summarize most of what your girlfriend (or females in general) spends money on. It even comes dually because it is things the females spend on or you, the male, buys for the sake of the female. Given how typically the female population is bigger than the male one, it means higher business prospects by tapping into the female demographic.


Females really love unique or unforgettable experiences. If you go on Instagram you will notice a recurring trend, how that females mostly post content centred on experiences. I am referring to things like weddings, vacations, parties, concerts, cruises, being at a restaurant, coffee shop, getting a hairdo, being at a spa, at a gym, and so on – the list is infinite. I can spend a whole year just writing content on business ideas stemming from just this experiences element. You are not limited in what you can niche on be it goods or services, the possibilities are endless.


It is no secret that ladies love anything fashion or fashion-related. They will move mountains to get their hands on the latest or trending clothes, jewellery, handbags, shoes, accessories, and the like. You can niche is several ways either by going ordinary or specializing in bespoke goods or services. Ladies have a high affinity for outshining each other so the bespoke approach usually means more business returns.


Then we have the cosmetics domain – yet another active one due to how ladies love what is contained therein. Ladies are so big on makeup, smelling good, body treatments, hair-dos, and so on. This means any cosmetics goods or services score big with ladies. That is why it is not surprising to find someone into hairdressing making quite some money. I have also noticed that the simple retail of perfumes is actually a good business. I have noticed though that it seems people are sitting on a potentially lucrative business venture. That is white labelling whereby you can develop a personal perfume brand. It is not as expensive as people think; I encourage you to look more into that business idea.

So the strategy is simple; just study your girlfriend’s buying trends and habits. You can extrapolate to include her female friends or your female friends. That way you will have yourself zero-cost market research and obtain invaluable data. Generally, ladies are gullible when it comes to trying out unique things or new things so bear that in mind. Use that as a tool to lure them though; not to dupe them. Ladies once you provide them with the best product and the best brand experience they will gladly keep coming back for more. I have written this article from the perspective of a guy (i.e. male). Thus it simply means even the ladies can reverse engineer what I have said to suit their perspective. In the same vein the ladies can also venture into the same business areas I highlighted by looking at themselves or their fellow gender mates.