I do lots of business and finance research – it is my life. I always have an eye and an ear out for the latest big things in entrepreneurship. Lately, I have been closely following one particular Zimbabwean startup. I am referring to one of the most trending startups in Zimbabwe right now – Yanaya. It is not just enough to let you know of its existence; rather I am also using it as a teaching moment.

Effective Social Media Management

Multi-platform Approach

I am always making a clarion call for Zimbabwean startups and businesses to be online. I particularly emphasise having an active online presence. Yanaya epitomizes that by demonstrating what an active online presence means. Four of the most strategic social media platforms in Zimbabwe are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. That is of course backed by the most popular messaging platform in Zimbabwe which is WhatsApp. Yanaya is on all those platforms – take a cue from that and learn something. Most local enterprises are just on Facebook, WhatsApp, and maybe Instagram and that is it. Yanaya is a perfect example of what you might be missing out on.

Posting Regularly, Consistently And Hash Tagging

Yanaya posts content regularly and consistently, something you must do. They use a hashtag, ItWillEndInHealth which they include in every post, tweet or comment they send out. Hashtags enhance your discoverability on social media platforms. It even more importantly helps you track social mentions of your brands. You both spread and can even gauge your spread as far as brand awareness of your brand is concerned.

Two-way Conversation

Yanaya responds to everything that is put out on social media about their brand. If they post or tweet and you comment, they like, they comment back, and they can even share. The same applies when you probably share their posts or tweets, they respond. The beautiful thing is they do so in relatable, fun, and engaging ways that make you feel like you are conversing with your peer. Bear in mind that they do all of this on all their social media accounts.

Using User-Generated Content

One sure way of getting your brand noticed is by having user-generated content. What is user-generated content? It is content that increases your brand awareness that is produced by your customers (or prospective customers) and is usually unsolicited. For example, a customer can take pictures of their experience at your business premises expressing their satisfaction. They can then post it on social media and tag your brand – this is priceless.

Studies have shown that people trust more what people say about a brand than what the brand says about itself. That is actually the biggest factor upon which most people end up settling for a particular brand. All these things will constitute what we call social proofs – something Yanaya now has in ever-expanding droves. I even got to know about Yanaya for the first time through social proof. Obviously one of the core reasons why Yanaya is doing well regarding social proof is its unparalleled service.

So what Yanaya does is every time someone mentions or tags them online they respond. They say something, like, and share that post or tweet and it creates a chain of perpetual brand awareness. There is a post I put out on LinkedIn a week ago complimenting Yanaya about their roadhouse service (more on that in a few moments). So far that post has over 2600 views, 62 likes, 3 comments, and still counting. That clearly shows you how powerful user-generated content can be. Yesterday someone even tweeted, “for next month’s treats I am going to visit Yanaya. I have seen so many good reviews not to try.”

Innovative And Creative Thinking

Alright, let us talk about the roadhouse service. Lately, it has been lockdown after lockdown and sit-ins have been banned. Yanaya then thought to come up with an ingenious idea for serving their clients. This is specifically for those with vehicles; so you place your order in advance or in-store. Then you wait in your car and they serve you whilst you are in your car. They serve the food on a returnable platter that sits across between the two front car doors. You just have to see the pictures to see how cool that is. That is the essence of innovative and creative thinking – coming up with ways to ethically circumvent present hurdles.

Ergonomic Business Premises

When setting up your business premises marry aesthetics and function. Yanaya demonstrated this by how they initially started with a glass and steel-framed booth at Joina City. That is a smart thing to do because they essentially created an ultra-hygienic workspace in an unlikely place and manner. The glass element made it possible for customers to see how their food is prepared thus boosting their trust. Plus the booth approach makes it possible to operate anywhere. I will not even get into the interior décor of their premises – sublime!

These are some of the fundamental things you can learn from Yanaya. Without breaking your back you can experience remarkable growth as a startup or business. Yanaya is one notable case study you must closely learn from.