Have you heard of InnBucks in Zimbabwe yet? If you have not then you are yet to enjoy convenient service. It is the brainchild of the Simbisa group of brands, you will love it. If you are in Zimbabwe and are a regular consumer of fast foods this is for you. I know most of you buy fast foods from Simbisa brands such as Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn, Bakers Inn, and Creamy Inn. You will attest to the challenges of getting loose change when making purchases. To address this problem and more, Simbisa Brands has unveiled InnBucks; let us discuss more.

What Is InnBucks?

This is a rewards and loyalty innovation brought about by Simbisa Brands. With InnBucks you can load, withdraw, and redeem change in US dollars. You also get to enjoy discounts on every meal – at least 1 per cent per meal. You will also get access to regular VIP Exclusive deals as a member of InnBucks. For every purchase, you will earn rewards. There are zero charges involved.

This means there are no transaction fees for US dollar withdrawals, redeeming US dollars, loading US dollars change, and loading US dollars. You can also send to (i.e. buy for) your friends and family anywhere. There is no paperwork, no contracts, no gimmicks; you simply download the mobile app, sign up and you are good to go.

How InnBucks Works

  1. You start by downloading the mobile app on the Google Play Store or the iOS Store. You proceed to register. (Alternatively, you can just the USSD option – you just dial *569# then you register).
  2. The next step will be to load your InnBucksaccount or wallet with US dollars. This you can do at Simbisa Brands till points namely, Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn, Creamy Inn, and Bakers Inn. (In essence, US$1 = I InnBucks)
  3. From then on you can start paying for meals at those outlets and get exclusive specials and discounts.

Mobile App Walkthrough

I managed to download the mobile and browse through it. The main interface is comprised of 5 main options namely, Balance, BFF, Change, History, and Pay. Just to clarify, the BFF option stands for Buy For Friend. The app is straightforward; easy to use. For support, you can call or WhatsApp directly from the app by clicking on Support.

Some Commentary

So this is a relative innovation; not many people know about it yet. It is refreshing to see a considerable number of positive reviews already. There are people already using it who are speaking so highly of it. On the flip side, some somewhat know about it but still do not quite get it.

I understand why this would happen because this is an atypical loyalty programme in Zimbabwe. I have seen some people on social media scratching their heads to understand what it is all about. At the end of the day, what InnBucks must do is to do more awareness. I would suggest that they do a demo ad of sorts. This will be a real-life demo of someone loading their InnBucks account and doing a purchase and other related aspects. I am sure that way more people will get to understand it better.

Another issue to add is the confinement to just US dollars. Some people have been wondering why US dollars only. Under normal circumstances when one goes to any of the mentioned Simbisa brands there is an option to also use local currency (ZWL$ or RTGS$) and even Rands. Would it not be fair to allow the same in light of InnBucks? It is not everyone who can manage to make purchases using US dollars.

Confining US dollars will exclude other customers which will not be a good business approach. This is especially so when you consider that most Zimbabweans get their incomes in local currency. I strongly think this is an important consideration that must be made.

For more details or any assistance, you can WhatsApp on +263 780 382 634. You can also visit their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms. Do not forget to download the mobile on the app stores. Overall, it is a useful innovation and I see it becoming something other brands can emulate eventually. What do you think?