Here at Startupbiz, we love to talk about investing. So much so that we have created WhatsApp communities all about investing talk. One of the highlights of this for us is when members of our communities break out and do wonderful things. We have already celebrated Albert Nangara on the launch of his book, all about investing in Zimbabwean capital markets. Another member of our community launched his book recently. Alfonce Maketo, also known as the Cent Maker, launched his book How we made it in Zimbabwe, which looks at the investing journies of Zimbabwean stock market investors while teaching fundamental lessons about approaches to stock market investing. We are pleased to have been given 5 copies courtesy of Mr Maketo to give away to readers on our platform.

How we made it in Zimbabwe: Investing on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

The book is a short read that looks at investing in Zimbabwe. We are fortunate to be taken through Alfonce’s history and how he came about eventually becoming an investor. Many parts of the story are relatable. After this enlightening history, Alfonce takes us through important fundamentals of capital markets in general and the ZSE in particular. Books like this excite me as someone who has a wide knowledge of the area because they take ideas we can find on Google but bring readers’ attention to the practical elements of practising things like Stock market investing in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is a territory with its own set of rules that are not similar to other territories. The book takes a factual approach to teach about the elements and history of the ZSE. Alfonce granted us a few questions to help readers know a little more about the book;

Afonce Maketo aka The Cent Maker

How we made it in Zimbabwe: Investing on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange by Alfonce Maketo

Why did you write How we made it in Zimbabwe: Investing on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange?

The book was to do two things: to inspire young people to get onto the stock market earlier and to provide some basic information to anyone who wants to know about the workings of the stock market in Zimbabwe.

How long did it take to write this book?

8 months. I nearly gave up during the course of writing the book.

What are your hopes for this book?

That it reaches all corners of the world. In every part where Zimbos are found. That can help increase investor knowledge of the capital markets, especially the stock market.

How has the book faired so far?

Extremely humbled by the response. It can only be by the Grace of God.

How can we get the book?

The book can be obtained from all Innov8 bookshops countrywide. We are also working with other bookshops countrywide to increase reach. An online edition will be available soon. The paperback edition is available for US$14.

Who should get this book?

Anyone. The experienced investor, the novice or the one who doesn’t know anything about stock market investing. Even policymakers.

How we made it in Zimbabwe: Investing on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Giveaway

Thanks to the generosity of Alfonce Maketo and his publishers, we have been given 5 books to giveaway to our readers. We will be giving away 5 copies to 5 lucky readers of our website. All you have to do is leave a comment on this article telling us why you have or wanted to invest in the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. The winners will be those who give the most engaging answers. We are giving away physical copies which can be collected in Harare or shipped elsewhere (postage and shipping are the responsibility of winners).  Help us to celebrate another Zimbabwean writer talking about investing in Zimbabwe.

You can contact Alfonce via his Twitter account The Cent Maker, or on the phone number 0772 231 573 (click for WhatsApp).