We have received a lot of communication about an article we previously published about registering an Airbnb in Zimbabwe. The platform has had a disruptive effect and gives people a great way to make money from property of all sorts. Anything from a room to an entire house can be availed for short-stay rentals. We need to take a deeper look into what makes a good Airbnb listing and what you can do to make your Airbnb as profitable as possible.

The numbers

Airbnb is all over the world, so the numbers should be taken with a pinch of salt. According to Airbnb, the average annual earnings for hosts are US$7 900.10. Remember, the places being rented out vary in size and configuration, so that average isn’t for any one type of accommodation but for all types. That said, the average monthly income is US924, while the median (middle) income is US$440.

Besides being good, these numbers also tell us that there’s a bit of variation in Airbnb earnings. Some of the factors that contribute to this include the fact that you choose how much to make your place available for. You can vary rates based on the season, so you take advantage of peak periods and discount in off-peak periods. The Airbnb platform also has a pricing tool that recommends prices in your area based on the time of year and demand. Bear in mind that Airbnb charges a 3-5% service fee per booking.

So what can you do to make your Airbnb profitable?


First things first, you need to go beyond the four walls. You need to think of the amenities available in your Airbnb. Think about it, people may not pay more for a place that has wifi included, but they will certainly pay less for it. The same goes for things like TV, washing machines and other comforts people might appreciate while travelling. The right amenities depend a lot on guest fit, which we will discuss in detail later. Doing a little research on Airbnb will help you immensely with figuring out which amenities people value. It’s also important to note that, for the most part adding these amenities doesn’t actually cost much.


This is another important factor. What level of service can you offer? Some people may appreciate a local to show them around. Don’t just think tourism here; think hospitality. Arranging things such as cleaning and meals also plays a part in it. Also, how often the property is maintained matters as well. Ad with all things, there is no one right answer, and you can make some things like meals and cleaning optional. Generally, when people travel, they want to experience the destination in full, so providing an access point to the authentic Zimbabwean experience can boost your Airbnb earnings.

Answer questions before they are asked

This is more of a general rule of business than an Airbnb profitability tip. When you are creating your Airbnb listing, you want to do your best to think of every question a guest would reasonably ask and have it answered. Where are the nearest restaurants? Where is the first aid kit? What can I do during the day? Where’s the nearest church? Look, if you think a guest could ask it, answer the question. Here’s the thing, though we speak about answering in your listing, not all answers must be written. Some answers are provided in practice by having signs and clear information around the property indicating things.

Guest fit

Here we’ve saved the best for last. Guest fit is perhaps the most important thing to consider that can make your Airbnb profitable. Guest fit is simply matching the right type of guest to the property. Some guests want to travel on a budget, while others spare no expense. These two types of guests value different things. There are two ways of going about it, and either works. You can begin with the perfect guest in mind and create a property that fits them, or you can take the property and figure out which guest fits it. Then you want to make sure your listing communicates which type of guest best fits the property. This makes sure you get the right guests and bodes well for your ratings.

This subject has received a lot of interest, and you can expect to see more about it in the near future.