You know the common term, camping. Glamping is a compound word made out of two words, glamorous and camping.  Glamorous simply means the quality of being stylish. Glamping thus means glamorous camping i.e. stylish camping. This is a business idea that is not yet that widespread in Zimbabwe. Today I am bringing your awareness to glamping as a business idea in Zimbabwe. Once you are done reading this article you will no doubt be inspired to consider trying it out.

What Is Glamping?

This is a stylish variation of the common camping that you know. By the way, camping is the recreational activity of temporarily living in a tent or similar accommodation, usually out in the wild or wilderness. With glamping, you will be outdoors just like traditional camping. However, there will be a variation in that you will be using modernized components and facilities. I am referring to things like furniture, consumer electronics, showers toilets, internet connectivity, and the like. In some cases, there will be services offered or provided onsite such as catering. It is camping infused with a touch of both the old and the new. Across Zimbabwe, you will find some glamping sites usually in resort locations. Examples are Kanga Camp at Mana Pools and Zambezi Life Styles along Zambezi River.


The first approach is implied in the examples I just gave. Is not all resort locations that have glamping. You can identify such locations and set up glamping facilities that people can pay to use. Many people would love that because it is way better than being in typical lodges, hotels, and guest houses. There are a lot of people who would wish to live in outdoors settings but still be able to use modern things. This first approach would need you to most probably enter into strategic partnerships, strategic alliances, or joint ventures. Chances are high that virtually all resort locations are under ownership. You would then have to come in with your glamping business proposal to partner for its rollout.

The second approach involves identifying a piece of land strategically located. Then you develop it into a glamping site. You might not necessarily need to look for land. It might be a spacious property that you already have. You can turn the unused land space to become a glamping site. Think of it like someone developing accommodation facilities such as lodges or hotels. You will be developing a glamping site for use as accommodation facilities. I am sure that can provide an alluring alternative to traditional accommodation facilities. This means you can set up glamping sites even in urban or peri-urban locations. Ideally, you would want a location that is quiet and sufficiently private.

Important Requirements

There is a lot that would go into glamping, materials-wise. You will need tents and all the associated accessories. You will have to furnish them with at the very least, beds and lounging furniture. You will also need to furnish them with toilet and showering gear. These are the most basic but more will be necessary depending on what you want to offer. Security will also be needed, both physically and actual security manpower. Substantial and secure parking space for guests is a must.

Human And Financial Capital

You cannot run this type of business solo; you will need at least 3 people to work with. Financially, the initial capital needed can be steep. There will be several pricey types of equipment, furnishings, and fittings needed. Not particularly easy to mention a number but I can say you will need thousands of US dollars to start. This would be a business venture you can start as a partnership or by seeking capital investment. To bring down the costs you can consider having an option where guests bring their tents. That way you will have fewer equipment, furnishing, and fitting obligations.

This is an interesting business idea that you should seriously consider. This can be an easier way for those passionate about accommodation businesses to kick-start their ventures. I know there are many Zimbabweans who have land just lying idle. You can try out this business idea and make lots of recurring monthly income. Glamping is a growing global industry. Currently its worth stands at roughly US$2 billion and is expected to exponentially grow in the coming years.