Coverage of Zimbabwean eCommerce startups will always be perpetual. This comes as no surprise to me due to my appreciation of the surge in the number, of local eCommerce startups. This is a trend I was vouching forever since 2018 though at the time Zimbabwean eCommerce startups were few. Fast-forward to now I have lost count and it is satisfying to see how eCommerce is growing in Zimbabwe. Rather than churn out stats, I mostly prefer to share with you examples of Zimbabwean eCommerce startups. This is a multi-layered exercise; giving you tangible insights, inspiration, and options. Today the focus is Get It Here – one of the most aesthetic and comprehensive Zimbabwean eCommerce platforms.

What To Expect From Get It Here

Get It Here is a Zimbabwean eCommerce platform. It is essentially an eCommerce shop but ‘shop’ falls short of capturing its expansiveness. That is why I preferred to consider it an eCommerce platform. The ranges of products that are found on the platform are near exhaustive. You have categories such as:

Appliances And HomewareFarming And Mining
Babies, Pets, And ToysFood And Beverages
BakeryFruits And Veggies
Books, Office, And StationeryGarden, Pool, And Patio
Camping, Outdoors, And SportsGift Card
Clothing, Footwear, Luggage, And TravelGroceries
Computers And MobilesHealth And Beauty
DIY And AutomotiveMeat, Poultry, And Fish
Eats And DeliMusic, DVD, Cameras, TV, And Audio
Electronics And GamesSmart Home And Connected Living

Customer Or Vendor? The Choice Is Yours…

To access the platform and enjoy its fullness you have to sign up or register. On Get I Here, you can choose to register as just a customer. Alternatively, you can opt to register as a vendor. Thus the platform offers you the opportunity to sell your goods or services on it.

You also get to enjoy features that streamline your eCommerce experience. You can always access your account details with ease. There is the feature of comparative lists – something Zimbabweans appreciate since they usually do price comparisons. Your orders history is available for reference when needs be. You also can track your orders and look up your voucher balance. You can put together a wish list as well. All of this is part of your customer account.

Reviewing The Platform – An Appraisal

I have extensively done digital product tests or reviews before e.g. crypto wallets, mobile apps, web apps, and so on. Get It Here is one of those rare experiences when a digital product or platform ticks all the boxes. They managed to strike a delicate balance between aesthetics (look and feel) and ergonomics (functionality). Here is why I consider Get It Here to be one of the most aesthetic eCommerce platforms out there:

Basic Functionality

The platform is quite smooth when it comes to what it is designed to do. There are seamless flows and transitions from one window to the other. There are largely no annoying lags after you click on any command button. Another key mention here is the conversion path, which is the number of clicks one makes to complete any process. In principle, it must be very short (experts recommend at most 3 clicks). On Get It Here that is mostly the case. I always emphasise the importance of a web app to be optimized for mobile. That way the visual and functional integrity of the interface is kept on mobile (as it would be on desktop devices). That is another box that Get It Here ticks off perfectly.


The platform is simple to use and anyone can make sense of everything without any or with minimal aid. Oft time startups obsess over packaging an idea into an intricate and complex innovation. They erroneously think that complexity is the crux of innovation. However, Get It Here has stayed true to the importance of keeping it simple. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Visual Design

White and red are the most predominant colours on the platform. Basically, the background is mostly white. Then there is a touch of red here and there used strategically. It is used on things like command buttons or other features that are meant to stand out. Colour psychology is a big deal in branding and marketing. I have done an article on this subject before. Colours have meaning and effects on human psychology. Red symbolizes energy, power, vigour, leadership, courage, passion, activity and joy. White symbolizes peace, clarity, purity, and so on. The use of white in the platform’s user interface is spot on though. It balances out the user interface by emphasising and putting in focus particular areas during one’s navigation of the platform. Overall, the platform is soft, easy, and pleasant on the eyes.

Their shipping and delivery are contactless. They provide a money-back guarantee and the SSL protocol ensures secure checkouts. To get a personal feel of Get It Here, kindly check it out here. Mobile apps are on their way and will be up and running soon. You can also engage with them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. For those into eCommerce or those contemplating it; Get It Here is the platform to draw insights and inspiration from. For people looking for stuff to buy online, this is your plug too.