The food processing industry in Zimbabwe is an active one. You look over the past few years and the emergence of food processing businesses or startups has been perpetual. There is a lot that goes into food handling and subsequent processing, packaging, and the like. It is prudent to have a reliable source for all your needs. That is why today I am talking about Frostline Solutions. They are registered as Frostdiplomats Technologies (Private) Limited but trading as Frostline Solutions. I have lost count of the number of times I have recommended them to prospective customers. Their products and services serve a commonplace industry in Zimbabwe, no wonder why.

Frostline Solutions  – Background And Who They Are

Frostline Solutions was established in 2013 primarily as a food processing company. By then it was located in Rushinga. In 2016, it diversified into Food Consultancy and Machinery provision. Frostline Solutions provides products and services relevant to the food industry. It was built from nothing but hard work and passion. They are driven by love and care for the betterment of communities.

Services include:

Food Processing Training

Food Consultancy

Food Analysis

Product Development And Management

Raw Material Testing

Product Outsourcing

Products range includes the following:

Beverage Products

Beverages Production Machinery

Snacks Production Machinery

  • Maputi Popping Machinery
  • Corn Snack Making Machinery

Post-Harvest Losses Reduction Technology

Packaging Machinery

  • Syrup Packaging Machinery
  • Solids Packaging Machinery

Target Market

Frostline Solutions’ target market is expansive. They serve the whole of Zimbabwe plus over 13 countries in the region and beyond. Their core market is small to medium scale Food Startups. They also supply custom equipment on request to other countries for products that are good there. They have managed to spread their market presence due to two main things. One, they enable easy market entry for food startups because their products and services break barriers to entry. Two, their products and prices are such that there is a lessened capital burden on their clients.

The Frostline Solutions Team

They have a dedicated team of 2 Food Technologies who both have diverse backgrounds in Food Processing. They have a team of 10 Food Machinery Technicians and Fabricators. Frostline Solutions works closely with the University of Zimbabwe. They provide on-the-job training and have worked with more than 15 Food Technology interns from the university, plus other institutions.

Challenges They Are Facing

Frostline Solutions’ major challenge for the past 2 years has been COVID-19. Their business has been disrupted by repeated lockdowns and travel restrictions. This has also been worsened by electricity blackouts; this has often slowed down orders.

Their second major challenge is capital constraints. They have found it difficult to have increased stock and keep it due to very limited capital investment. This has been exacerbated by the inability to access bank loans due to numerous currency-related changes.

The other challenge is Intellectual Property (IP) violations. This has been a major blow to progress and growth.

How You Can Push The Frostline Solutions Brand Forward

Frostline Solutions has an Agents and Franchise program. Thus if this is something you are interested in you can get in touch. There are also many investment and business opportunities. They are open for business and are willing to work with any willing parties in various well-researched opportunities.

Frostline Solutions Zimbabwe is found at 17047 Culton Road, Graniteside and in the Harare CBD, Cube 11, First Floor, Nelson Mandela Entrance, Harare Main Post Office. You can contact them via +263 774 276 066 or +263 773 082 277. Their landline number is +263 8644 278467. You can check out their website. Their email address is They are also on Facebook, check out the page here.