The holding of events is a constant in all facets of human endeavour. In any organizational framework, events are commonplace, whether in business or entrepreneurship. Even in general social dynamics, events are integral. Planning and managing events is not a stroll in the park. Personally, I planned and managed my first event when I was 18 years of age. I quickly learnt that event management could be tasking. That is why it is not surprising to see people hiring events management service providers. Today we get to discuss a Zimbabwean events management company worth considering, Five Star Events (F.S.E).

Who is Five Star Events?

Five Star Events is a strategic events management company established in 2020 under Valour Chara Groups Of Companies, VALGOC INCORPORATED. They provide outstanding services for wedding planning, corporate event management, brand promotions and entertainment, amongst others. They are a one-stop solution for all event management needs. They understand that properly executed events can be leveraged to support organizations’ strategic vision. They can be incorporated into a company’s plan or used to build networks and client loyalty. They pride themselves on bringing a fresh and unique approach to the event management industry.

F.S.E’s Operational Philosophy

We approach every project with meticulous attention to detail and precision. Regardless of size and scope, we treat any event like a business with clear strategic goals, defined milestones, and a comprehensive plan to ensure that an event is delivered on time and within budget. At spark, we put a client’s organization first. We learn about a business, focus on its challenges, and plan events to support its goals. Our laser-sharp focus, unparalleled professionalism and exceptional service mean clients can trust that their event is in capable hands.”

When & How Five Star Events Started

F.S.E was established in April 2020. It was established by Valour Chara, who is the Executive Director. He has a passion for managing events and deemed it worthy of inaugurating his passion into the enterprise world. Hence, he founded Five Star Events under VALGOC Inc.

Five Star Events’ Services

Their service range is as follows:

Corporate Events

They provide exclusive and unique venues where you will find all luxurious amenities and classic cuisine. Under Corporate Events, they offer:

  • Conference Management
  • Corporate Tours
  • Award Functions
  • Dealers Meet
  • Product Launches
  • Exhibitions
  • Annual Celebrations / Functions
  • Trade Show Management
  • Factory / Branch / Real Estate Inaugurations
  • Red Carpet Events

Brand Promotion

They provide clients with intelligent and simple marketing strategies with appropriate promotional tools. Their management has handled all below-the-line marketing (BTL) activities, such as Road Shows and Mall Promotions. Under Brand Promotion, they offer:

  • Road shows
  • Innovative Promotional Activities
  • In shop / school activities
  • Promotional activities
  • Mall promotions
  • Society activations
  • Sales promotions
  • Branding
  • Product sampling
  • Rural Activities


They have creative ideas and the ability to create any set design, stage setups, and backdrops. Their experience in audio-visuals and décor help create a magnificent and unforgettable visual impact to give your event a ‘WOW’ factor. Their association with artists, celebrities and audio-visual vendors allows them to produce events within your budget. Under Entertainment, they offer:

  • Fashion Shows
  • Theme Parties
  • Award Functions
  • Sports Events Management
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Celebration Nights

Theme Parties

They believe in upholding tradition and enjoying it to the fullest. They provide exclusive pre to post-event facilities that you will find nowhere else. Under Theme Parties, they offer:

  • Anniversary Events
  • Birthday Events
  • Festival Parties
  • Success Parties
  • Naming Ceremonies

Wedding Planning

They manage exquisite weddings, ensuring the reflection of a standard status and lifestyle. They offer a wide range of themes and entertainment to make your wedding an actual Five Star Event. Under Wedding Planning, they offer:

  • Budget Planning & Cost Control
  • Invitation Cards & Painting
  • Lobola Functions
  • Engagement Ceremonies
  • Marriage Day Functions

Reach And Target Market

Their team of highly qualified professionals has managed all types of events. Thus they have managed to penetrate a broader market. For them, nothing is too small or too big. Hence, over the years, they have been working on a local and international scale.

Team Behind Five-Star Events

The F.S.E team comprises a Sales team, a Marketing team, the Event Planners and Company Agents. Some of them include Ms Tadiwanashe Katema, Mr George Gava, and Mr R.T Matsika, to mention a few.

Challenges Being Currently Faced

Their most significant challenge has been regaining their previously obtained market established pre-COVID-19. Due to prolonged lockdowns, they lost multiple clients and contracts because events had to be cancelled. Hence, they are now on the verge of regaining their previous hold in the business market.

What You Can Do To Push Five Star Events Brand Forward.

People are the main driver behind our enterprise. Hence, their contribution to the success and growth of F.S.E is vital and necessary. Significantly, just like any business, we also need a vibrant audience. In light of that, people can effectively help to push the brand forward by following us on our social media platforms and more importantly through sharing our content and our services with friends and family. This will help F.S.E to expand and establish a market in the most extensive areas”. – Valour Chara, Founder & Executive Director, Five Star Events.

Business Or Investment Partnerships

Five Star Events is open for business or investment partnerships. They gladly accept investment and business partnership proposals. There are, of course, specific credibility processes they carry out before initiating themselves into such partnerships.

Five Star Events is one of your best bets regarding event management in Zimbabwe and beyond. You can email them at You can also engage them on Instagram and Facebook. Their contact numbers are +263 73 581 8143, +263 78 790 1791, +263 77 885 1519, +263 78 594 3527, and +263 78 332 2206.