Entrepreneurship in any community is hard. Starting up, finding capital, launching, breaking into the market, becoming and remaining sustainable are many of the challenges small ventures face. The founders of these businesses experience all the highs and lows associated with starting and running a successful business. Developing healthy and useful habits for entrepreneurs can often make or break their businesses, whose success relies heavily on the them. Despite the economic hardships in Zimbabwe, some entrepreneurs have found success with their businesses and so here are 5 of their most powerful habits.

1.      They keep their ears on the ground

Policies in Zimbabwe are sometimes changed by the government on a whim, or with barely any warning and adequate time to prepare. These changes often affect businesses and not always in a positive manner. In the past, companies and SMEs have collapsed at the mercy of policy changes that often trigger a harsh series of events.

Successful entrepreneurs know to keep one ear on the ground and eyes open for signs of changes. Keeping themselves abreast of economic, political, social and global changes allows them to prepare for these changes. Failure to prepare will often result in failure to adapt. One of the ways to successfully run your business in Zimbabwe is by always remaining alert and sensitive to signs of change.

2.      They exercise regularly

Your health has a direct impact on your performance. Lots of people want to sacrifice their health on the alters of success, but that backfires in the long run. Exercising regularly is not only good for your heart, but for your brain, mood and energy levels too. According to scientific research, vigorous activity boosts our mood and energy levels for up to 12 hours afterwards.

Exercising allows you to have the clarity to tackle old problems with new energy and a fresh perspective. Exercising alone isn’t enough though, it’s also important to eat healthy. Healthy food gives your body purer energy and essential nutrients, which will drastically improve your health over the long term. Successful entrepreneurs know to use the power of exercise and healthy eating to their advantage.

3.      They use the Power of Visualization

Visualization is a powerful activity that is often lauded by the most successful people in the world. From entertainers, to politicians, to sportspeople, to successful business founders and professionals, visualization is a tool widely recommended by these different people. Interestingly although it’s a highly recommended tool, a great deal of entrepreneurs still don’t use it.

So what exactly is visualization?

Visualization is using your imagination through pictures or mental imagery to envision what we want in our lives and how to make it happen. Coupled with deep focus and genuine emotions, visualisation becomes a powerful creative tool that helps us bring our dreams to life. Successful entrepreneurs use this tool to create their futures and turn them into the present.

4.      They network!

Perhaps this should have been the first habit mentioned, and yes, networking is a habit. Networking is essential in building connections and advancing your business. Regularly attending social and business events where you can actively network with other professionals could take your business to the next level.

Not only is networking good for building connections, but it’s how you can acquire referrals, client leads, joint venture or partnership opportunities and speaking or writing engagements. Actively networking will increase your visibility and raise your profile. When done right, other professionals will soon start to recommend your business to new people, gaining you new clients or customers.

5.      They set goals

Setting goals is age old wisdom. Successful entrepreneurs understand that setting and writing down your goals, is an essential step in achieving them. Without setting goals, it’s difficult to measure your progress or to know which direction you’re heading towards. Setting goals with timelines also allows you to weed out the unrealistic or implausible goals. By writing them down, you can keep track of your aspirations and the timelines for progress. Moreover, evaluating your decisions is more effective when you’re aware of the goals you’re targeting.

End note

There are hundreds of other big and small, but important habits that successful entrepreneurs developed and continue to develop in order to become successful and remain so. Identifying some of those habits, adopting them and adjusting them to your personal context could seriously increase your chances of becoming success in your business and personal life.