Lately, I have been underscoring the importance of what you eat daily. This applies to every human being who walks on this earth. You can, just by what you eat, prolong or shorten your life span – that is how serious this is. In the same vein, you can also diminish or enhance the quality of your life solely by what you eat. As a business person or entrepreneur, your life is more demanding than the average person’s. For you, paying close attention to what you eat is non-negotiable. Here are some foods that every business person or entrepreneur ought to eat:


Not just any chocolate though; dark chocolate is what is most recommended. Two areas are crucially important if you are a business person or entrepreneur. One, you need to always have the energy to carry out tasks on your ever-demanding to-do list. Two, given the demanding nature of your typical day, it is often the case that you get stressed. That is where dark chocolate comes in. Dark chocolate is a good source of that much-needed energy. Dark chocolate has also been proven to regulate your stress levels. You probably have seen how some girls eat lots of dark chocolate after emotional trauma e.g. a heartbreak. It is not just some indulgence in luxury; it reduces stress levels.

Brown Rice

Unfortunately, brown rice is not always readily available. Brown rice is one of the best sources of carbohydrates. Interestingly, it also functions as dark chocolate does. It is a solid source of energy and it also reduces stress levels. This is all thanks to the major constituent element in brown rice – magnesium. The importance of brown rice is even buttressed by the fact that it has vitamins as well. So you might want to try sourcing brown rice and getting rid of over-processed white rice.


We cannot talk about what you ought to eat without mentioning water. The body is mainly comprised of water – around 70 per cent. This means your body needs and uses lots of water in all its functions. This also means that your body tends to use up or lose lots of water all the time. This brings to the fore the importance of ensuring the body is well hydrated. You must drink enough water every day to optimize all bodily functions. Remember I mentioned in another article that when you are dehydrated, your brain tissue shrinks. You cannot take drinking enough water for granted.


Bananas are one of those fruits that you must eat daily – at least one banana. I have experimented with this before to see how effective it is. There was a time when I would even just eat bananas for my lunch. I found this to be truly beneficial to my overall well-being. Even when travelling long distances bananas are my usual go-to when I am feeling hungry. Bananas are an even healthier source for your energy needs. Bananas contain starch in monosaccharide form. By not being too technical, this simply means the energy conversion is faster. They also condition you to eat healthily in that they make you feel full. Thus you will be less inclined to eat too much afterwards.


Avocados are my favourite fruit; thankfully I have two avocado trees at home. Avocados are instrumental in promoting optimized blood circulation in the body. This means the muscles get to have the perfect blood flow for them to deliver. The same goes for the brain; it gets to receive adequate blood which enhances mental agility. The result is that you get to be energized, sharp, and focused as you go about your day.


Many of us love eggs which is a good thing. Eggs should be an integral part of your breakfast. This is especially so if you prepare or have them as natural as can be. Eggs have an element called choline which is central in firing up your brain’s reactive sensors. This boosts your mental speed and functionality during the day. Eggs make thinking on your feet a reality. Boiled eggs, in particular, are a strategic food to eat in the morning. They have the effect of making you feel full which disinclines you from eating more during the day. Thus if you are working on eating less, a boiled egg in the morning is the trick.


Nuts are laden with numerous vital nutrients that your body needs. The beauty of nuts is that you do not need to eat that much. An amount that fits in your palm can be what you need in a day. Eating nuts also have a relaxing effect on your mind and body. Nuts come with unsaturated fats (i.e. healthy fats), proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants. The combined effect is that your brain is primed to function more productively by eating nuts.

I specifically discussed these 7 foods because they are mostly available to many of you in Zimbabwe. If you are a business person or an entrepreneur, make it a point to include them in your daily food intake. That will not nullify the importance of other crucial areas e.g. resting, sleeping, working out, and so on. You have to ensure everything is in balance but just know that what you eat is pivotal to your health and performance.