Cosmetics are a big deal. In fact, the cosmetics industry was estimated to bring in around US$380 billion in 2019. Considering that just over half of the world population it stands to reason that men make up a considerable chunk of the spending in this industry. The conversation about cosmetics and cosmetics business ideas always leans towards women we thought it would be a good idea to look at cosmetics business ideas that specifically target men. I know it’s not a men’s day or anything but gents you’re welcome.


Beards are in fashion, probably the best naturally growing accessory that a man can possess in 2021. Perhaps that’s a bit much but beards are definitely popular. So it stands to reason that beard-related products could be quite a big hit. There are lots to choose from including beard shampoos, beard oils, moisturisers, conditioners and more. You want to sell a well-researched product that works well with skin types you are likely to come across as this is normally the deciding factor. Those with beards care very much about them so they make very good customers have especially given how much they are willing to part with for the right product.


The skin is the largest organ on the human body and by that virtue, it is the most visible organ. Skincare can therefore not be underestimated. Skin also happens to be a very sensitive organ for many and there may be issues people are trying to fix including dryness, irritation, outbreaks and pigmentation amongst others. To make a success out of this it’s probably best to find out what the market wants or needs first. Then you can go and find products that help with such issues. You have a lot of range here as there are cleaning products and care products which include moisturisers and oils.


Fragrances are a big deal. I’m a big fan and believe that people should be interested in fragrances. The best part about this market is how wide it can get. You have anything from deodorant to cologne and so many things in between. Antiperspirant, roll-ons, dry sticks and so many more in between. I’d stick my neck out and say many men want to smell good so this business idea would not be short of customers. Connecting people with the right fragrances is nothing short of a lucrative venture.

Shave products

Do you know what’s bigger than beards? Shaving! Shaving is huge especially if you include shaving of the head, not just the face. There is a lot to choose from here and you cannot go wrong with it. Everything from shaving foam, shaving gel, razors, aftershave, no bump products and more. And within the different product lines, there are many options. The best part here is it’s such a regular activity that once customers find a good product they are customers potentially for life.


The devil is in the detail with many things and so it is when it comes to how good men look. Grooming here refers to what would be considered the smaller things such as nails. These all play a part in the process so they are important parts of any decent grooming routine. Products that help with the management of these small grooming matters are very lucrative. You can make quite a name for yourself selling both grooming kits and grooming products.


There are so many different ways to wear your hair and what is acceptable or appropriate for men has certainly changed a lot, especially in Zimbabwe. Haircare could really mean a lot of things. Bald heads, dreadlocks, short hair, Afros and chemical treated hair are all part of the landscape. The best part of these like most cosmetics listed here is they are renewable needs, the customer will keep coming back for more if they feel they are getting good value from you. The only disadvantage here is that you will find many groups of men who are not overly concerned about their hair.

The men’s cosmetics market is a market that is ripe for the taking by the right operators. Men may be more understated in their preferences when it comes to cosmetics and grooming but you may find them more discerning than women. These opportunities are just as open to manufacturers as they are to resellers.