We still find ourselves in an environment characterised by the effects of the pandemic. Most are still struggling to get back on their feet. Virtually every facet of society is readjusting to align with the new normal. The coming of the pandemic rendered most people helpless with no way to maintain control over their lives. In light of that, there are so many people working towards helping people regain that control. One of such is Cassava Smartech International. They have just released a blockchain technology meant to facilitate and restore normalcy in places of work.

Sasai Health Status Report – SHSR

That is the name of the innovation that has just been unveiled. The innovation will help people to strike a balance between getting back on their feet and yet being wary of the pandemic in their places of work. Details of the innovation were enunciated by the CEO of Cassava Smartech International, Mr Darlington Mandivenga and the COO of Sasai, Mr Tapera Mushoriwa. Their remarks during a press conference were as follows:

Mr Darlington Mandivenga

We are offering a solution that we believe will significantly move the needle in safely getting people to securely get tested, know their status and do the needful so that they get back to work and reclaim their normal lives. The Sasai Health Status Report will, at the point of testing, capture a person’s Covid-19 health status which they can confidentially share, at the users’ discretion with those who need to know – such as one’s family members and their employers – in a manner that respects personal data privacy and using secure blockchain technology.

We are offering a solution at a time many nations have embarked on large-scale screening and testing for Covid-19 in order to reopen their economies. We have already received strong expressions of interest from a number of African countries where we will be soon taking the platform.

Mr Tapera Mushoriwa

The Health Status Report feature is already available on Sasai under the Sasai ‘Explore’ menu. Users simply need to do a once-off registration to activate the service. A test report can be securely shared through three ways, with another user within the application, by SMS or by QR code. We are working with reputable manufacturers and suppliers whose test kits we pre-load onto the platform ahead of any testing programme.

Using the SHSR, we are betting on reducing the spread of Covid-19 by ensuring that only authentic test kits sourced from genuine medical suppliers are used, especially given the scourge of counterfeit or substandard health and medical products in some parts of Africa. The Health Services Report has an extra security layer that ensures all personal and medical information is in a secure environment and is temper-proof, such that bogus or unrecognised tests cannot be authenticated on the platform.

This SHRS app is already available for download on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Why Blockchain Technology?

You probably might be wondering why they have decided to use this technology. Well, I will not get into the technical details in order to make it easy to understand. Blockchain technology works in such a way that ensures 3 things namely, security, transparency and immutability. This means the information will be secure, anyone can access it easily and it cannot be hacked or changed maliciously. These are all attributes that are central to the efficacy of this SHSR innovation. It is no wonder why they decided to use blockchain technology. It essentially makes it easy to ensure authentic test kits are used and that falsifying reports is barred.

The use of blockchain technology will ensure that authentic test kits will be used in coming up with reports. The SHSR platform is programmed to automatically decline test kits that are not authentic. Plans are underway to ensure test kit suppliers get registered on the platform. This makes it easy to validate or invalidate test kits. We now wait to see how the platform fares otherwise it is still too early to review the platform.