There has been a relative semblance of stability in Zimbabwe because of the US dollar. Of course, not everyone feels that way as most people still have very meagre incomes. However, a substantial number of people can manage to put together US$100 in a relatively short space of time. The reason why I cited that amount is that I want to discuss businesses one can start with US$100. At first glance, you might notice that the easiest businesses to start with that amount are service-based businesses. However, there are also other businesses you can start with US$100. I will look at both of those in this article – bear in mind that I shall state underlying assumptions for some of them.

Poultry – Broiler Chickens

This is a straightforward business that you can start with US$100. You would be starting with something like 25 chicks. If you are diligent and disciplined you will find yourself scaling the business with each batch of chickens you rear. The thing is, the profit realized from your batch of 25 chicks can actually buy another batch – all things being equal. I know some might feel like this domain of poultry is flooded but I have a different viewpoint. I always maintain that the market is inexhaustible; it is a matter of where you to look. The mistake most people make is to look into the most flooded market pools and that is why landing customers becomes hard.

Food And Catering

This is a fresh example because of something I noticed last night. Yesterday me and a buddy of mine, Spencer drove to Great Zimbabwe University Mashava Campus. We usually do this and mostly Spencer buys a sausage and chips from an outdoor catering setup. I would normally just stay in the car and not bother to check it out. Last night out of curiosity I decided to take a closer look. The lady who runs the business was there and I started asking some questions. (Something I urge people to do; be inquisitive when it comes to business). She sells burgers, sausages, chips, and a wide range of snacks and drinks.

Her target market is mostly university students. I was amazed when she said she pays US$9 per month as rent to use that space. The setup is simple; it is just some logs erected to support zinc sheets in such a way that it is a working space covered at the top, back and on one side. She even showed me a sack of potatoes that she had just purchased for US$5. So much I can say here but my point is you can start a food and catering business for just US$100. I just gave you this tangible example to paint a picture for you otherwise the approaches are infinite.

Repairs And Maintenance Services

For as long as a business is service-based there is a high likelihood of it being able to be started with just US$100. Repairs and maintenance are aspects that can be done by a skilled person in a particular trade. For instance, let us consider a motor mechanic. He or she can use their skillset to repair vehicles or run maintenance for vehicles. Given that they will already have the skills required it makes starting the business much cheaper. If they are to start with US$100 they would have to start from their home, for instance. The money they can use it to buy some essential equipment and to probably do some online marketing, signage, flyers, and the like.


This is yet another type of business that depends on your skillset. It can be for high school subjects or tertiary level courses – lots of money to be made from this. US$100 is more than enough especially if you shall be operating from home. You probably might have to invest in buying learning aids or materials. I know of one high school teacher around where I stay who tutors at his home. He simply converted his garage space into a classroom and he is making lots of money. With US$100 it is possible to start this business especially if you are operating from home.

Buying And Selling

This is an open-ended one and I will leave most of it to your discretion. You just have to figure out what is easy to source and sell-off in the least amount of time. The idea will be to shorten the turnaround time so that you realize returns much sooner and faster. It can be clothes, food, agro-produce, cosmetics, and so on – the list is endless. There are so many things you source with US$100 that are easy to sell.

Other examples of businesses that I can mention in passing are detergents making, car wash, content creation, runner (errand services), and online marketing amongst several others. In closing let me say something that will definitely inspire you. Do not simply just look at US$100 being a small amount of money. It is not so much the amount but the possibility of amazing opportunities that the US$100 can open up. I know a story of a lady in South Africa called Anna Phosa. With just US$100 she bought 4 pigs and started doing piggery. That was 16 years but as of today, she has a staff of over 20 people and a production capacity of 4000 pigs. Not even 4 years after she made that initial investment of US$100 she was contracted by Pick ‘n Pay to supply them pigs regularly and the rest is history. What I am driving at here is that you should not despise the days of humble beginnings, just go for it!