Kids are 100 per cent of the future and as such must be well prepared and groomed for that future. Any belief system places serious attention on preparing kids for the future. Scientifically, it is generally said that the first 8 years of a child are considered to be the formative years. During these years, kids are basically sponge-like in that they absorb everything they see or hear from their immediate environment. As a parent or guardian, you must be very strategic and deliberate about the environment kids spend time in during these years. Anyways, in this article, I look at things one can sell that are used to prepare kids for the future.

Something Interesting To Note

It is reported that over 60 per cent of kids starting Grade 1 right now will end up doing jobs in the future that currently do not exist. That tells you that our overall approach to preparing kids for the future must be well-thought-out. Given how digital the world now is and will increasingly become we must expose our kids to digital tech early on. Most nations, particularly African ones, need to redress the whole education system. If that is not done, we risk having a situation in the future where young people will be having skills that are totally at variance with the needs of the day.

Educational Toys and Gaming

Since time immemorial, toys and games have always been a hit amongst kids and continue to be. Nowadays there is a growing trend of toys and games that are not just centred on having fun but mostly on teaching. Some of them are analogue whilst some of them are electronic or digital. There is a wide range of educational toys and games that you can source and sell. Parents and guardians are increasingly getting more particular about the kind of content kids are exposed to. Thus they at least want to be able to dictate that by exposing their kids to a fun, engaging yet educational material. Toys and games are definitely a perfect fit for that.

ECD Or Day Care Services

This is a lucrative business venture that has become such a huge hit in Zimbabwe. A couple of years ago the number of such service providers was quite low. Lately, the number has shot up and it shows you how lucrative the domain is. Parents and guardians are mostly concerned with the cost, quality of education provided, and the amenities available. Thus if you do some research you can figure out how to tweak your own business in such a way that lures customers your way. The beautiful thing about this is that some are even transforming their homes or part of their homes to offer these services.

Tutoring Services

This will be specially targeted at kids who need extra attention at home. The subjects of focus are many and that means the opportunities here are plenty. This can also be tailored for exam preparation or it can be for the remedial purpose for kids who somewhat struggle in mainstream classes. Some of the tutorings can even be directed towards things like cooking. There seems to be a growing interest in cooking content for kids. You can even go as far as developing educational content in the form of books and the like.

School Supplies

Then we have school supplies – a very broad range of possible products. We are looking at things like basic clothing, uniforms, books, stationery, and so on. It can also span to equipment for ECD centres, crèches, primary schools and the like. These would be things such as tables, desks, charts, and chalks just to mention a few. With the increase in digitalization, this can now include PCs, tablets, projectors, and so on.

Sports Coaching

Many kids are endowed with sporting ability. In most developed countries some sports academies take up kids from a tender age. Once a kid is identified to possess a certain affinity for a particular sport they are immediately exposed to training. Most of the global sportspersons today were raised this way. Alternatively, such coaching can be personalized in such a way that a kid is trained solo at home. Coming up with a business that specializes in this can be significantly profitable and is worth exploring in Zimbabwe.

Did you know that you can even deliberately tailor marketing content that is meant to appeal to the kids in question? A study in the US revealed it is possible for a kid aged just 3 years to differentiate over a hundred brands. The kid demographic is quite huge and continues to grow so take it seriously.