People love giveaways which is why as a business you should occasionally do that. If you are an avid user of social media you will attest to how giveaways are a common feature. It is virtually impossible to go through social media every day and not come across giveaway posts. I myself in the past 2 months or so won giveaways from several companies. The mere fact that you see big and established brands doing giveaways should tell you something. There is considerable business value to be realized from doing giveaways. In this article, I share with you some of the things your business can use as giveaways.

Why Giveaways Are Important For Your Business

Giveaways do so much good for your business in a fun and creative way. You can do something like a ZWL$15000 airtime giveaway weekly or fortnightly. That can be nothing compared to the revenues your business rakes. However, that small gesture every 2 weeks can grow your customer base remarkably. Giveaways create hype or buzz that lures people to your brand. This ends up generating significant leads which when followed up become conversions.

You also get to stimulate and drive up engagements on your social media accounts. Giveaways in themselves constitute low-cost marketing campaigns. Brand awareness and subsequently brand loyalty will skyrocket from doing giveaways. Giveaways are also something existing and prospective customers consider you giving back to them. Thus overall people will appreciate your brand more. In running giveaways online, some of the things involved actually stimulate referrals. These are some of the many reasons why you should occasionally do giveaways.

Products Or Services You Offer

This is obviously the first easiest consideration. You are already selling something – products or services. You can choose one or more of those as giveaways. You can do this by targeting existing customers and prospective customers separately. For the former, you will be looking to reward them thus building customer loyalty. As for the latter, you will be looking to get them to try out your products or services. Either way, you will create a high likelihood of word of mouth marketing and referrals. People love to share with their social circles when they get a giveaway.

Events, Getaways Or Basic Commodities Vouchers

This is yet another broad option where you can explore several options. For example, you can say that a giveaway is a gift voucher of US$50. The voucher can be spent on products or services you offer. It can also be spent on another business – it could be one of your partners. For example, let us suppose that an eCommerce shop that features products and services from different enterprises does such a giveaway. The voucher can be spent on products and services from any of these enterprises. The voucher can be tickets to some event or a holiday package. It can also be to go to a spa, or for a meal at a nice place. It can even be an exclusive tour of a business’ facilities, where applicable.  So many possible ways you can come up with vouchers as giveaways.

Branded Commonly Used Items

As a business, you probably might have branded items already. These are things like stationary, juice bottles, coffee mugs, umbrellas and the like. If you do not have then you can consider branding some commonly used items. These are perfect items to use for giveaways as people find it exclusive to use branded items. I recently got a giveaway from Infinix Mobile Zimbabwe that included branded shades, a branded juice bottle, a branded key holder, and branded COB lights. This is was a set of branded items. I also received a branded power bank from NetOne. These are just relatable examples to just show you there are many possibilities when it comes to branded giveaways.

As always you must strike a balance when doing giveaways. You of course want to delight your audience but not at your expense though. The benefits to the business must outweigh whatever it might cost you to do a giveaway. Thus before doing giveaways meticulously calculate and make projections to roll it out profitably. I have noticed in Zimbabwe that one of the most low-cost giveaways is the airtime. People love airtime giveaways even if it is just a paltry ZWL$300. Remember giveaways are not the preserve of just big and well-established businesses. No matter how small you are you can come up with periodic giveaways.