Perhaps the most important goal of wealth accumulation is owning assets. It’s frequently touted as the way to wealth. Refer to the previous article on the issue of what assets are and how to spot them. All assets are however not created equal and there are assets favoured by the wealthy. The wealthy in Zimbabwe have specific assets they invest in that propel them towards wealth. We are going to look at 6 of these as a guide to the sort of assets you should be gathering if you want to someday be one.of the wealthy, we speak of.


Shares are of course a very popular investment of the wealthy all over the world so it should come as no surprise that they rank highly in Zimbabwe. While purchasing shares in publicly listed companies on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange is certainly one way to get in wealth is best realised when people buy into companies before they go public. That means identifying small to medium entities to into with an eye into the future. To underscore this, entertainer Beyoncé once asked for payment in shares for a corporate engagement for ride-hailing king Uber. As Uber grew the value of those shares ballooned.


Yes, flashy European cars are part of the lifestyle but not the vehicles I refer to here. There are massive opportunities in Zimbabwe in transportation vehicles whether for goods or people. This is a really good asset to get into because it can make money while you sleep. Many are tempted to get into the transport business but a lot of money can be made simply leasing out the vehicles to passenger transport companies, long-distance logistics companies, ride-hailing services, taxi operators and many more out there. Vehicles are also great assets because of their relative ease of buy-in and accessibility.


Plant, machinery and other production equipment can also be hired out for handsome returns. Take for example the scaffolding required when doing construction. Not all contractors own scaffolding and tend to resort to hiring it as and when needed. Scaffolding is absolutely essential in the construction of buildings. Many examples can be drawn from this such as specialised manufacturing machinery, compressor pumps used in mining and party hire items. They rarely require complex structures to create the business that hires them out and can bring in great money depending on the item and the market.

Real estate

Land glorious land. Indeed this is a bit of an obvious one but it still has to be said. Land has multiple uses from residential, commercial to productive purposes. The advantage wìth this asset is that they are not making more of it but they are certainly making more people. As such the appreciation of the value of land is just about guaranteed. There are many ways to realise income from land and buildings.

Intellectual property and rights

Not one of the easier ones to understand but definitely a hallmark of assets of the wealthy. Intellectual property is simply legally protected ideas that compel anyone who wishes to use these ideas to pay you for doing so. These include patents (technology), trademarks (visible symbols), copyrights (expressions of ideas) and trade secrets which are self-explanatory. Owners of these rights can amass quite a lot of money through them and Sir Mixalot of “Baby got back” fame (1992) claims to have made close to US$100 million from royalties for use of the song by artists including Nicki Minaj. Rights refer to the indisputable legal authority to use something for example mining rights or broadcast rights. The rights to the footage of Zimbabwe Warriors games were said to be owned by an independent third party. This is a wide area but a lot of money can be made off it.

Cash and equivalents

Its inevitable with any or all of those assets generating cash the wealthy will sooner or later have cash or cash equivalents in their arsenal. Cash equivalents loosely refer to financial instruments which can quickly and easily be sold for cash. When an opportunity arises the ability to move on it is usually determined by how quickly funds can be mobilised. As sticks around the world suffer price drops due to covid 19 there are surely people who have taken advantage because they had cash or equivalents to do so. Of course, care must be taken in our economy on just how to hold cash or equivalents without prejudicing yourself.

Each of these assets needs more than a basic understanding in order to take full advantage of the opportunities they open you up to for wealth accumulation. Research and the services of a financial advisor are both strongly advised.