It is not just movies that entrepreneurs should watch to draw inspiration; TV shows are also strategic. Actually, some TV shows are specifically tailored to appeal to the entrepreneur demographic. Unlike movies, TV shows do entail keeping abreast with the episodes as they unfold. At times, though, episodes can be standalone and that will not deprive you if you missed out on other episodes. Alternatively, you can always look for full seasons and binge-watch them as and when you want. In this article, I shall be outlining 9 TV shows that you must watch as an entrepreneur.

The Apprentice

This is a TV show that used to air several years ago. The seasons would follow a story whereby Donald Trump would be conducting a lengthy selection process where the winner would land a dream job in one of his businesses. Essentially people would apply for a job opening and short-listed applicants would be divided into two groups that would face-off given different types of business tasks every week. Every week one person would be eliminated up until a winner remains. It is quite an interesting TV show that provides virtually all the practical business lessons regarding entrepreneurs.

Planet Of The Apps

Planet of the Apps only aired for one season but it has some interesting content to imbibe on. As in apparent in the show’s title it was about apps development. The show had a panel comprised of established entrepreneurs who were serving as mentors to budding app developers on the show. App developers are given just one minute to pitch their app ideas. The theme covered the whole span of the app development cycle from creating it to the financing aspects and scaling matters. It is a great show especially for app developers or technopreneurs in general.

Shark Tank

This is a TV show comprising of 5 panellists that will be looking to invest in business ideas pitched to them. In essence, these 5 people are investors themselves. People with business ideas will come before these 5 to pitch their ideas. You will learn a lot from how to make a great pitch and also you will be inspired by some of the business ideas pitched. Especially when you are entrepreneur who is looking to get investor funding this show is definitely for you.


The series revolves around two people who pool their resources together to pull intricate organized crimes. These two are a banker (also a gang lord) and a hacker. The duo comes up with a cryptocurrency called GenCoin. So you find that digital entrepreneurship is a central theme in this TV show plus some elements of the Dark Web. Aside from organized crime being the central theme, there is so much to learn from a business perspective.


This is a TV show that falls under the legal dramas genre. Obviously those running or looking to run law firm businesses will find it very alluring. However, it is also suitable for any entrepreneur because there are several learning points that are explored in the movie. It also enunciates a topical issue of how capabilities in people may not be borne out having actually gone to school for it. Due to the fact that most of the episodes involve dealing with legal cases, you will draw some interesting approaches on strategy and thinking outside the box.

The Profit

Profit is a TV show that delves into budding businesses that are going through turbulent times. The main character of the show is Marcus Lemonis who presents an opportunity for such businesses to get his funding and expert guidance. The catch will be that he gets a stake in the businesses in return. Season 5 of the series covered a look at how some of the businesses he had invested in had fared over time. So it is a very informative TV show for entrepreneurs to watch.


This a TV show that stars The Rock (actual name – Dwayne Johnson). In this series, he plays a former National Football League player pursuing a Financial Management career in the NFL. The transition from a player to being one who manages players is quite an interesting journey. Remember that financial management is one of the most important components of a business so there is a lot to learn from this comedy TV show.

Silicon Valley

It is the dream of many tech-savvy entrepreneurs to make it big in Silicon Valley. This TV show narrates the experiences of budding software developers in pursuit of that. Though it is a fun-filled sitcom it does explore very important aspects pertaining to the startups culture. One of the most frustrating things in software development is developing a great product that fails to make it. Software development is also a field, much like Silicon Valley, that is characterised by fierce competition. If these are fields of interest to you then you must watch this sitcom.

Billion Dollar Buyer

The main character in this TV show is Tilman Fertitta, a billionaire Chairman and sole shareholder of Landry’s Incorporated (a group of businesses in the hospitality domain). The focus of the show is upcoming businesses showing great potential to become big businesses. Every episode revolves around Tilman Fertitta interacting with two selected businesses fitting the criteria highlighted prior. Such interactions will be to make comments and recommendations on the businesses in questions. The show is rich in invaluable insights that will be borne out of each and every business scrutinized.

If you diligently take time to watch these TV shows I guarantee you that you will learn a lot. Though the contexts and operating environments may be different from ours the themes are universal. The great thing about TV shows is that they deal with real-life stories so they can be quite compelling.