You have probably heard of the term corporate gift before I suppose. Well, a corporate gift is a gift that is given out by a corporate (i.e. a company or business). The crux of doing this is usually to demonstrate an acknowledgement and appreciation for the recipient of the gift. This, oftentimes, stems from appreciating what the recipient has contributed to the corporate in question. Corporate gifts can be given out to customers (or clients), employees or even other corporates. Studies have shown that the culture of giving each other gifts cements working relationships. Not only do corporate gifts express appreciation but they go also go a long way in inspiring the recipient to do more. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you leverage on this and try it out as this year comes to a close.  Herein I am discussing 9 corporate gift ideas for your consideration. (Take Note: the approach is to incorporate branding in all these 9 ideas)

Stationery Items

What you have to do here is to identify alluring stationery items that you can brand using your business or company logo, tagline and so on. It can be unique and stylish parker pens, folders, notebooks, diaries and the like. If you want this to be exceptional make sure you identify top quality items. To add onto that you can deliberately pick items that are more or less portable so that the recipient can easily carry it around.

Food And Beverage Containers

This is a broad set of possible items; all you have to do is to note items that people mostly use daily. We are looking at things like coffee mugs, water or juice bottles, lunch boxes, cooler boxes and so on. It is very easy to find low-cost but great and durable items of this nature then you get them branded. Any recipient will really be glad to get such corporate gifts that they can use virtually daily.

Toiletry Bags

This sounds quite simple but this is an excellent pick to brand as a corporate gift. Particularly if you know the recipient tends to travel regularly they will adore that gift. It would be wise to get toiletry bags that can be used for the long haul. Considering options that make them impervious to water or durable in general is advisable. This means picking toiletry bags that are waterproof or made from long-lasting material such as leather would be excellent.

Tech Consumables

The idea here is to consider tech items that are basic essentials for the prospective recipients. Some of such items are portable phone chargers (especially solar ones in light of the power challenges). It can be stylish earphones or headphones or basically any essential mobile phone accessories. You can think of wristband USB drives, laptop bags and so on. Once branded these will be so dear to whoever you gift these to.

Wine Sets

Wine is a globally preferred item when it comes to gifts for virtually any occasion. It is definitely no exception when it comes to corporate gifting. You probably might not necessarily brand the wine but you can come up with unique packaging that you can brand. It can be a bag or a wooden box and the like. You could even include branded wine glasses if you like. You can opt for expensive wine or just reasonably priced wine – it just depends on the weight of the impression you want to make on the recipient.


This is very common and never gets old. There are various options to choose from regarding the design and sizes of the calendars. You can do handheld portable ones, full-size ones (for the walls) or desktop ones (several possible designs for this option). This is a great corporate gift because it will be something the recipient can use all year long in the upcoming year.

Charitable Donations

Businesses and companies do well if they do charitable activities. One of such activities is charitable donations in which a corporate can identify a recipient(s) that need some form of help. Most corporates tend to hold Christmas parties at children homes, old people’s homes and the like. At such events, they get to donate basic essentials such as groceries and clothing.

Clothing Items Or Accessories

These can be branded t-shirts, caps; the list of possible items is long. However, it might be wittier to migrate from tradition and consider clothing items or accessories that are trending currently. Then when you brand them you ensure it is done subtly so that it does not mess up the original design. The approaches here are so many so let your imagination wander.

Leisure Giveaways

This here entails coming up with gift packages where you gift recipients with paid-for retreats, trips or holidays. They could be tickets to a movie or a concert; things like that. The secret here is that the recipients will enjoy an unforgettable experience with eternal memories that will live with them. This will surely affirm the relationship you have with them thus unlocking room for more interaction and engagement moving forward.

So there you have it, 9 corporate gift ideas for the end of the year. In the beginning, I touched on some reasons as to why corporate gifts are important. The other reason has to do with how corporate branding works as a marketing tool. Firstly, a recipient can speak highly of your company or business out of the thrill of having received a gift. Secondly, people merely seeing your brand logo, taglines and all on different items in different places is actually a brand awareness tool. As we near the end of the year it is not too late to consider gifting your employees, clients or other corporates with corporate gifts.