You must pay attention to many things in business or entrepreneurship; one of which are your customers. You need to invest time, resources, and effort into comprehensively knowing your customers. Only that way can you know exactly what to do to attract and retain them. Making your first sale to a customer is hard and generally, convincing them to repeat purchases can even be harder. The good thing is there are tell-tale signs of when a customer is seriously contemplating making a purchase. Let us look at the key buying signals from customers you should take note of.

When They Provide Their Contact Details

Whether solicited or not, if someone provides their contact details that is an encouraging sign. That simply tells you that they are willing to be communicated with. In your interactions with existing, new, or prospective customers, quickly leverage on whenever someone provides their contact details. It will give you a platform to keep in touch and tactfully influence them to make a purchase.

When They Ask Sales-Oriented Questions

Sales-oriented questions can come in many different forms. All you need to do is to quickly figure out that this person is interested in buying. They can ask about prices, payment terms, possible discounts, after-sale services, and delivery (where applicable), amongst others. If they ask such questions make sure you respond truthfully and keep them interested. If there is anything that can appeal to them throw it in e.g. a discount.

When They Sign Up For A Trial

This might not apply to all scenarios though. This usually applies to services-based businesses. The thing is a free trial can be offered for people to test out a service. This is common when dealing with software products but it can apply to many scenarios. Usually, the free trial is made available and people have an option to opt-in. When someone signs up for a free trial that is a good sign. They are interested in seeing whether or not this is something they can eventually pay for. Take note of everyone who signs up for a free trial and follow up on them later.

When They Show Keen Interest On A Product, Service, Or Feature

When looking to realize sales you need to sell benefits not a product or service per se. People have problems or pain points that they need to address. That is why you come to your business because they are hoping you can be their answer. When someone shows a keen interest in a product, service, or feature they want to understand the benefits. They want to ascertain that you have exactly what they need. This means you have to convincingly prove to them that you are the real deal. The moment you notice that keen interest does not leave any stone unturned in showing them the benefits.

When Their Body Language Reflects Interest

Body language is one of the most fascinating fields of study for me. For years I have always been interested in knowing more about body language. I loved watching the television series, Lie To Me. It can teach you a lot about how to note and interpret body language; I highly recommend it. Anyways, part of understanding body language lies in reading facial expressions.

There are two powerful books called Telling Lies, Emotions Revealed and Unmasking The Face. The author, a renowned scientist who has served as an advisor to the Secret Service in the US, shows that body language is innate, universal and hard to hide. The subject of body language is vast and I do not want to digress. What I can tell you here is to take some time to read up on the matter so that you know body language that reflects interest. When you notice it you can then ensure you work towards closing the sale.

When They Make A Click-Through

In digital marketing, there is this use of links to redirect prospective customers to landing pages. For example, it can be an ad or you can share a link in your caption or description when propagating content online. Such links are optional and many people shun them because they find them intrusive. When someone clicks through you can be sure the chances are high that person wants to buy. If they click through and purchase then that is great. If for any reason they do not click through then you must follow up on them. Take any click-through seriously.

When They Respond To Your Messages

There comes a time when you send messages to existing, new, or potential customers. It can be SMSes, social media direct messages, or emails, amongst others. Your messages can also be in the form of posts, comments, and the like. Getting a response from anyone should not be taken lightly. Make sure you engage them and attend to whatever they might need or ask. Getting a response is always a good starting point.

This article carries valuable information you can use to build strategies for your business or startup. It is not just enough to reach out to people. When they interact with you be observant enough to notice these 7 buying signals and act accordingly.