The basic art of buying and selling has become commonplace in Zimbabwe. It is happening in every industry you can think of. Plus selling online is fast becoming the norm. I guess one of the reasons is how easy it is to get the business rolling. One has to identify what sells or is fast-moving; they source it and start selling. People are sourcing their stuff from within Zimbabwe, other African countries, and even abroad. If you are interested in starting a business like this you need to know what is trending. That is why in this article we shall be listing (in particular order) some of the trending products in Zimbabwe currently.

Bedding And Associated Accessories

I have noticed this is one of the easiest areas to venture into. There are lots of people who are starting to live alone. Either they just finished building their house, bought one, or just moved into to rent. Even those who already have a place to stay are looking to replace or diversify their bedding and other accessories. By ‘bedding’ I am referring to items such as blankets, sheets, bedspreads, pillowcases, and the like. Here you can also think of things like curtains, and rugs; basically anything that complements the bedding setup.

Home And Office Furniture

This area has grown so much in the past 2 or so years. Never before has there been a time when you can easily purchase furniture online. Common items here are couches, dining or kitchen tables, chairs, TV stands, room dividers, beds, wardrobes, and many more. Other items are office desks, office chairs, filing cabinets, safes, and so on. We can also include stuff like kitchenware, dinnerware, home décor items, household cleaning products, and much more. More and more players are emerging here either those who source and sell or make and sell.

Consumer Electronics

These are also known as home electronics. They are electronic equipment typically used daily. This is one of the biggest segments of things you can sell online right now in Zimbabwe. We are looking at electronic equipment for the kitchen such as stoves, fridges, freezers, microwaves, blenders, air fryers and the like. We are also looking at electronic equipment for home entertainment e.g. radios, TVs, and sound systems. Personal computers and the long list of associated accessories come in here. These can be items such as keyboards, audio-visual equipment (e.g. digital camera, ring lights), and printers, just to mention a few. We also have mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) and wearables coming here too.

Cosmetics And Personal Hygiene Products

Cosmetics include any products used to beautify the external texture of the body e.g. makeup kits, hair products, and skin care products, amongst others. Personal hygiene products include soaps, detergents, shampoos, lotions, deodorants, perfumes, and so on. You can have a mixed bag by selling products from various segments. However, some are thriving by focusing on just selling products from one segment. For example, someone can solely focus on hair products or detergents. There are numerous ways to niche and a wide range of products to choose from.

Clothing And Accessories

For this segment, you will have to pay attention to your target market. I usually notice a bias toward selling more kids’ stuff than any other age group. The best approach is to have a mixed bag where you have something for everyone. These days many people are sourcing clothing items from South African brands such as Pep, Mr Price, and Jet, amongst others. Some source clothing bales. In any shopping centre or central business district, you go to these days, clothing and accessories are a common sight.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

FMCG comprises a long list of products such as processed foods, beverages, dry goods (e.g. sugar), cosmetics, candy, snacks, toiletries, and so much more. I also consider this to be one of the biggest segments on this list. To thrive selling FMCG online you have to offer convenience. That is why it is strategic to provide delivery services to outdo brick-and-mortar outlets. The other competitive advantage can be pricing so that you lure customers.

Vehicles, Industrial Equipment, Spare Parts And Related Accessories

This is yet another area with countless niching options. You can sell vehicles; light motor vehicles being the most common focus. You can also consider industrial equipment for use in various industries e.g. farming, mining, manufacturing, or construction, amongst others. You can choose to settle for spare parts and accessories. That can be married to doing actual repairs. Another niching option is to provide vehicles or industrial equipment for hire.

This article is a guide if you are interested in sourcing and selling things online in Zimbabwe. These are some of the most trending products you can settle for. If you use social media platforms like Facebook, you will notice almost of them being sold daily. Go through Facebook any day and I guarantee you that you will come across people selling these trending products. The best social media platforms to use as a combos are WhatsApp and Facebook. Selling online has never been this easy but do not get too comfortable, it takes consistent and systematic effort. All the best!