We have looked at businesses you can start with US$10 and businesses you can start with US$100, now we are at US$1000. Once more bear in mind that all of the business ideas I discussed for US$10 and US$100, fit in here too. It is only that here they will be at a greater and more sophisticated scale. Anyways, I will still add in more business ideas which you can start for US$1000.

Mobile Devices And Accessories

Here I am referring to stuff like mobile phones, tablets, headphones, earphones, USB cables, Bluetooth speakers, memory cards, and the like. This is one of the business ideas I can immediately recommend you to start with US$1000. Mobile devices and accessories are highly sought after. Most people who do this business simply used rented spaces; not even whole shops. Yet they realize good returns every day.

What I even recently discovered is that there tend to be wider margins on accessories. Thus this is a business where you must have both devices and accessories. I have a buddy of mine who runs this exact type of business. On average, their profit per month is at least US$500. That is after all the operating expenses have been taken into account. He even says that he is operating way below capacity so the prospects are even bigger.

Poultry – Broilers Or Layers

On average, US$1000 is enough to start a broiler business of batches of 100 or 150 birds. For the same amount, you can start a layers business with around 50 birds (i.e. point of lay). Both businesses have short turnarounds and are easily scalable if you reinvest the profits. There is a sustainable and ever-present market for broilers and layers products.

Small Livestock Production

You have a wide range of choices to choose from. You can go for piggery, rabbits, and fish for example. Pigs and rabbits are especially good due to their reproductive rates. One sow (i.e. female pig) can wean off at least 20 healthy piglets in a year. One rabbit can produce an average of 40 offspring in a year. These are examples that show how lucrative starting a small livestock business can be. The good thing is that you can comfortably start with US$1000.

Sourcing And Selling Meat

If actual livestock production is not for you then you can opt for the meat. Your core focuses will be beef, goat meat, chicken, pork, fish, and so on. That means you can look for a spot to rent for use as a butchery. Sourcing and selling meat wields the benefit of realizing daily sales. This increases your chances of shortening turnaround periods. If you are creative enough you can find yourself restocking quite often.

Grocery Store

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) are a great fit given the demand. You can figure out which goods are most strategic then you source and resell. You can do this from home but you can also go the grocery store route. I have two buddies of mine who towards the end of last year started this type of business. The trick is in getting a shop you can rent for a reasonable amount. That way you significantly keep your overheads low. US$1000 is enough to start a modest grocery store which you can then expand (i.e. the range of the products) in due course.

Clothing Design And Retail

Sourcing and selling clothes in itself is already a good business venture. If you specifically want to focus on that, then US$1000 is more than enough. My other article on businesses you can start for US$100 is shared a real-life example. If someone I know started such a business with US$100 and is still thriving, what more than US$1000. Clothing design is also another area you can venture into with US$1000. The assumption is you already have the skills. Thus you might need to purchase more suitable and robust sewing equipment. You might need material if you intend to design, make and sell (i.e. unsolicited clothing items). However, you can go for the model where someone comes with their material then you charge for designing and making.

Cosmetics Products And Services

This is an area that has some remarkable margins. It is not surprising to see people getting margins of 300 percent or even more. What is also exciting about this area is that you can thrive even when using a small rented space. There is so much to consider here, for example, you can solely focus on retail. You can source and sell make-up kits, lotions, perfumes, soaps, and so on. You can also get into the actual beauty services e.g. hairdressing, body therapy, and plenty more. If you have US$1000 and these are your interests then rest assured you have a good place to start.

There you go, 7 businesses you can start with US$1000 in 2022 in Zimbabwe. US$1000 is a significant amount but that does mean you get to be reckless. The same principle of reinvesting profits remains pertinent. If you are to scale the business this is non-negotiable. The other principle is to study the market and competitors to figure out how to outdo them.