Business ideas can be categorized in numerous ways. This is actually an aspect that has directed some of our discussions before. For example, there are business ideas strategic for senior citizens. There are business ideas strategic for teenagers, college students, and so on. Interestingly it is quite possible for some business ideas to fit into many different categories. This is something you may even notice as we unpack our topic today. Today let us look at business ideas for the differently-abled. This refers to people with disabilities – as they are traditionally called. We feel that it is more considerate to refer to them as differently-abled.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a broad and diverse field with so many areas one can specialize in. Digital marketing is the promotion of products or services via the use of electronic media. Examples of such media are the internet and social media. One example of digital marketing is content marketing. Content marketing is a marketing approach where you build an online audience (you intend to monetize) through the creation and sharing of relevant and engaging content.

The use of blog articles, posting on social media, podcasts, vlogs, sending out newsletters and the like are all examples of content marketing. Other forms of digital marketing are email marketing, social media marketing, and more. Many individuals and businesses are looking for people who can do these things for them. Differently-abled people can do this business because it can all be done remotely.

Freelance Writing

There are many people in the world making lots of money from freelance writing. This again is a broad and diverse field with so many possible focuses. For instance, you can start a business where you write and sell ebooks. We once had a discussion on how you can make money publishing ebooks on Amazon Kindle. Other lucrative focuses are content writing and copywriting. Freelance writing can also entail academic writing. The possible specializations are many. You can choose one or more and settle for a thriving freelance writing business. This you can do from the comfort of your home or anywhere convenient for you. The good thing is that your operating costs are typically quite low. Yet the money to be made is good.

Data Analytics

Countless times I have underscored the importance of being skilled in data science or data analytics. Data analytics is a constituent of data science. As such it is relatively easier to start by acquiring skills in data analytics. At the most basic you can acquire skills in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau. This can form a good basis for you to start a business where you offer data analytics services. The great thing is that you can learn and acquire all the relevant skills online. Then you can easily start and run the business online as well. Projects or gigs you can get are often high value because of the valuable nature of data analytics skillsets. Data analytics is one of the most sought after skillsets in the world right now. Differently-abled individuals can easily delve into this field and make good money.

Business And Management Consultancy

This is yet another broad and diverse area of focus. There are so many things you can specialize in when offering business and management consultancy services. Some of those areas are business advisory, company registration, bookkeeping, business planning, and project management, just to mention a few. In the area of business and management there are so many potential clients. The beauty of business and management consultancy is that you can focus on many things. Even more beautiful is that you can offer all such services online. That is why differently-abled people can start business and management consultancies.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is also one of the most sought after skillsets. This is majorly due to the proliferation of the digital age we are in. There is an increased demand for graphic designed materials. This can be for use digitally or to be printed out and used in physical form. Graphic design is also proving useful in the fields of UI and UX design. In fact, skillsets in UI and UX design are also highly sought after nowadays. You can consistently get well paying projects or gigs when you are skilled in graphic design. The interesting thing about graphic design is that a number of graphic designers are self-taught; so can you. There is no limit to what you can do once you have a graphic design skillset.

Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance is now a lucrative business focus nowadays. Due to the nature of virtual assistance, becoming a virtual assistant is an ideal business idea for differently-abled individuals. Virtual assistance is the offering of mainly administrative, secretarial or other related services online. So you will generally find that a virtual assistant (VA) is someone who wields the necessary skills to discharge such duties online. Some of the core duties of a virtual assistant are email management, social media management, events management, schedule management, file management, and customer relationship management, amongst others. Clientele ranges from businesses, companies, institutions to executives and individuals.


This is simply the buying and selling of products or services online. What to focus on will depend on how differently-abled one is. One good example of an ecommerce business idea is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a specialized form of marketing where someone seeks to advertise, promote, or sell someone else’s or another company’s products or services. This is often done online where you promote their products or services for a fee or commission.

As you may have noticed, all these business ideas can be executed online. They are businesses differently-abled people can actively run themselves. Plus one can also effectively run them from their home. What one can venture into will depend on their specific context and circumstances. After all, the state of being differently-abled differs from person to person. Anyways, I have heard sometimes a mantra along the lines of “disability is not inability”. It is an encouraging statement that any differently-abled person ought to internalize. All the best as you seek to set up your business as a differently-abled individual.