Happy International Women’s Day. What better to celebrate the day with women than doing what we know how to do best – giving you business ideas. The theme for 2022’s International Women’s Day is ‘Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow’. According to the World Bank in 2020, 52.28% of Zimbabwe’s population was made up of girls and women. Making up the majority of the population means not only should we have more women as customers but also as business owners. Here we share with you 6 business ideas for women in 2022.

Beauty Products And Services

You can choose to focus on sourcing and selling beauty products. There is a long-range of specific beauty products you can niche on. You can also consider white labelling – I once did an article on this (white labelling perfumes to be exact) so be sure to check it out. White labelling can be done for several beauty products though. Then there are beauty services which include hairdressing, body therapies (e.g. massages), make-up artistry, manicures, pedicures, and many more. You can operate solo, from home or through house calls. You can do it by opening a spot somewhere strategic; the choice is yours.

Baked Products And Baking Services

Recently I was talking to a buddy of mine who started a small muffins business. I was quite intrigued by the good returns one can get with very little investment. Last year I got to chat with someone doing a cake-baking business. I got an appreciation as well of how good the returns are. You can do cakes, muffins, scones, buns, cookies, and countless more. These products and services are always sought after.

A few days back I was telling that buddy of mine about a true story regarding a lady in the US. This lady was fired from her job and her pastor (the late Dr Myles Munroe) advised her to start selling cookies. This was because he has asked her what she was exceptionally good at and she said baking cookies. It is a remarkable story but long story short; she ended up supplying her cookies to supermarkets all across the US. I am telling you this so that you do not take for granted the immense potential baked products have.

Catering Services

Typically ladies are great at cooking and can use their skillsets to make money. The possible approaches are so many. You can start a catering business that specializes in stuff like platters. Platters can comprise an assortment of different foodstuffs e.g. meat, samosas, French fries, and the like. People love to order such for small events e.g. birthday parties, picnics, and so on. You can also consider offering onsite catering services for events like weddings or corporate events. Another possibility is to start a mobile kitchen to provide meals at strategic locations. These are just some examples but there is no limit as to how you can package your business here.

Fashion Design And Clothing Retail

This is yet another area that is well-suited to the ladies. You can settle for the design side which usually goes best with retail as well. This means of course you get to design clothing as per order but can also design clothes for retail. There is a growing trend where Zimbabweans prefer to wear locally-themed clothes. Ride on trends like that because there is a huge market for it. You can simply focus on sourcing and selling clothing items. They can either be brand new or even second hand. You can do this from home or by finding strategic spots to sell from. There is always an option to find a space to rent or open a shop somewhere. Recently I was chatting with my sister and she was telling me that Tanzania is a great place to source clothing to sell in Zimbabwe.

Social Media Influencing

I have done many articles that speak of the rise in social media influencing this digital age. Most of you are active users of social media and can attest to the many content creators now in Zimbabwe. At times people lose sight of the fact that all that content are an effort to make money – it is a business. Women tend to be natural when it comes to creating content and building loyal followerships. You can start social media influencing as a business. Pick a social media platform (or several of them) and start posting engaging content. If you keep at it you can find yourself getting ad placement proposals by advertisers. There is also money to be made from monetization features on some of these social media platforms.

Errand Services

I have talked about errand services before. I have even profiled an errand services business before. Even more interesting is that there are now several errand services businesses in Zimbabwe since then. There remains a huge gap for other players to come in and fill. Ladies tend to be great at multitasking, organizing and scheduling, plus other skills relevant for errand services. This is a business Zimbabwean ladies can go for in 2022.

So, it is not enough to just desire a seat at the table of established businesses or startups. I have nothing against that and encourage women to do so. However, I wish more to see women starting businesses and startups that will become unicorns. Here is believing that the business ideas we discussed will put you into action and you will start making things happen.