With growing activity online, especially fuelled by the lockdown restrictions, you must be part of the wave. There are now infinite opportunities online and in most of my articles I have highlighted some of them. In this article, I will discuss 6 digital jobs or opportunities for your consideration. I decided to label them atypical because they are not as common with most people as yet. These are jobs or opportunities that can get you into big bucks with little investment and effort.

Content Developer

There are so many ways to define who a content developer is. I will just define it in the most generic and most all-encompassing way. A content developer is someone who researches, curates, edits, and propagates online content for a wide array of reasons. For instance, someone can be tasked with the responsibility of developing video content for a YouTube channel. Someone can also be tasked with the role of developing blog posts for a website. You must also bear in mind that content development spans to even the techy stuff such as search engine optimization (even coding in some cases).

To qualify for such a role, there is a series of qualification you ought to have. Basically, you must have qualifications in fields such as computer science, information technology, marketing, and the like. Being knowledgeable in areas such as graphic design, web design, and so on – these will be added advantages. There are various software applications used in content development – being knowledgeable in them will also be quite strategic.

Voice Over Artist

Being a voice-over artist is highly in demand nowadays. Businesses are always looking for people to do voice-overs for their video content used in advertising. Filmmakers even look for people to do voice impressions in animations and the like. Naturally, you can have a perfect voice or you can actually undergo voice training to perfect your voice. To be a voice over artist you have to be articulate, be able to pronounce words properly, and use the right voice tone and pace. You also have to be able to do very different voice impressions. Have you ever watched the cartoon series called Boondocks? If so, do you remember the characters, Huey and Riley? In case you did not know their voices were actually done by one person, a lady by the name Regina King. This is to show you how wide your opportunities and capabilities can span. The beauty of all this is that you can do it from the comfort of your home or office.

Curriculum Developer

This is someone who develops learning courses in general. They put together learning modules that other people can use to teach on certain subject areas. In this fast-paced world, new subject areas are emerging. We are looking at areas such as SEO, digital marketing, big data, data sciences, and so on. Most of such subject areas are not even taught in mainstream education systems. Curriculum developers, also known as instructional coordinators, are tasked with the responsibility of devising learning modules and also the teaching plans to along with them. These are then adopted for use by learning institutions in a particular locality, nationwide, regionally or even worldwide.

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

This is someone who is considered a leading voice or authority on a specific field or discipline. This is someone whose services can be needed to ensure that common practices adhere to what is officially correct. Typically you will find such people acting in a consultant capacity. They can even be tasked to conduct workshops or intensive training programs. For example, someone who gets to deliver a public lecture at a tertiary learning institution is usually a subject matter expert. Subject matter experts also tend to write and publish books, courses, and the like. It takes time to become an SME but it is well worth it.

Video Spokesperson

There is a growing trend where businesses are adopting what is called spokesperson videos. These are basically videos where a business narrates what it is all about in a bid to capture prospective customers. Essentially you would find such videos being on as soon as someone logs on to a company’s website. Their popularity is rising because they are believed to augment the human experience when someone interacts with your business online. The easiest way for you to understand what a video spokesperson is what a news presenter on television does. If you have the confidence, a great voice, great articulation, looks and all, you can start a career in being a video spokesperson for businesses. It is sort of a variation of what a brand ambassador would do, to some extent.

LMS Administrator

This is a Learning Management System administrator. Due to the proliferation of online learning or e-learning learning management systems are now commonplace. In fact, there are even numerous different types of learning management system software. The roles of an LMS administrator are usually 3-tier namely, technical, collaborative, and staff-centric. Let me give an example; consider that you want to start offering a Digital Marketing online course. As an LMS administrator, you will be responsible for developing course material, facilitating collaboration amongst all involved parties, and overseeing progress, just to mention a few. This is a career path that is gaining ground especially in this digital age we are now in.

I cannot even begin to quantify the vast opportunities waiting out there for you in these 6 areas. These are now job titles that companies even get to advertise for. One of the greatest things about these jobs is that you can carry them out in a freelance capacity. This means you can carve out personal careers or business ventures under these domains.