If you are an entrepreneur or business person in any way, shape, or form being online is not up for debate. It is the holy grail of business and entrepreneurship nowadays. That is why it is not surprising that there is lots of activity on the internet and social media. All the hustle and bustle you see online is about building online audiences. It is a heavily contested domain; the competition is cutthroat. To stand out and get ahead of the pack there are secrets you need to know. In this article, I shall be sharing with you the secrets behind building online audiences.

Provide Valuables Borne Out Of Extensive Work Or Effort

People generally do not have time to delve into a lot of things. They are preoccupied with other things that they hardly get time to give you attention. After all, attention spans are much lower nowadays. If you want to hook your audience you must provide them with stuff that saves them some trouble. If you use Twitter a lot you will notice phrases like, ‘I have spent over 20 years studying successful CEOs, and here is what I learnt”. People easily get hooked to content like this because of two things. It provides them with valuable insights and it saves them from putting in any work. After all, people do value results coming from extensive work. There are many ways you can apply this principle to your particular context but it works.

Juxtaposing The Good And Bad

People are aware that there are things they are doing or getting wrong. They appreciate the need to change their approaches in life to be successful. By juxtaposing the good and the bad you strategically make your content relatable. Your audience can easily identify with it because they are found wanting in some aspects. Then they get to benefit from the panaceas you provide for them to succeed. No wonder subjects on ‘how to do certain things are highly engaging. Even when I put together most of my articles you will notice I shine a light on both ends. I show you the bad i.e. what you could be doing wrong in mindset or behavioural patterns. Then I shine an even brighter light on the best approaches or what you should do. Figuring out how to build your content like this will draw a loyal audience.

Sharing Real-Life Experiences

You must share personal experiences that relate to your subject matter. People appreciate personal experiences more than just theoretical frameworks. That is why sharing personal experiences or the personal experiences of others cut deeper. The audience can relate and see how they fit in or what to expect if they choose the same path. It is just like how it is with social proof these days. Most online customers want to make purchases informed by the experiences of others. The same applies to content as well; people want relatable content. If you can provide them with that they will be hooked.

What Is Trending?

You must learn to ride on trends. Look around and see what is trending? Once you see it find ways to ride on that trend to come up with content that draws people in. I like the fact that most content creators in Zimbabwe now appreciate this dynamic. Even Zimbabwean businesses and startups now jump onto trending subjects or people. You can build massive audiences in a short space of time if you ride on the trends of the day.

People Want To Make Money

After all, is said and done, people want to make a living. They want to make some form of income through your platform or via being your audience. Make that possible for them or provide valuable information that helps them too and you are good to good. This is because you must understand that there is always a catch. In the minds of your audience, that is usually the question. What is in it for me or can I make money out of this? If your content helps your audience to make money then it will grow. It is all about providing value to your audience.

If you premise your online strategy on these 5 secrets you will build big online audiences. You can see again that it goes back to that issue of it not being about you. Everything you do must be centred on and crafted for the audience.