Printed items are so ubiquitous that daily you see or handle at least one. It is a clear indicator that there must be a need for printing services, daily. The global printing industry’s worth is projected to reach around US$6 billion by end of next year. Of which whenever there is a need, a widespread one, you know there are business prospects in that. How about you consider getting into the printing business? Yeah, that can be a lucrative venture for you especially considering the many options available. Today I get to share with you 5 printing business ideas that you can explore.

Paper-Based (Documents)

This is probably the most generic one. Here we are dealing with printing stuff like documents. This ranges from single pages (e.g. letterheads) at the lower end to books and so on. It is usually inevitable to also include photocopying and scanning services. You can run this business exclusively though there is another option. You can add it along to a different business just so long there are prospects for high human traffic. What I mean here is there are businesses such as boutiques, salons, food outlets, internet cafés, and so on. If you run any of those businesses you can include paper-based printing services.

Clothing Items (T-Shirts, Caps, And So On)

I could have easily said t-shirt printing; of course, it is a good place to start or even specialize in. I do recommend that you spread it out to cover applicable clothing items in general. The approach is to print clothing items that you can sell in general. Then you also include the option for people to come with requests – talking about customization here. For example, people can require themed printing for t-shirts to be worn at a particular event. This broadens your revenue inflows than just sticking to one focus.

Multimedia Items

Here I just wanted to cluster a wide range of highly sought after items. I am referring to things like invitation cards, business cards, calendars, flyers, labels, stickers, pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, and the like. This categorization also includes promotional items such as company profiles, diaries, pens, and so on. Other interesting focuses can be laptop covers, cell phone covers. I am also looking at items such as banners – there are many different types and sizes. On this one I am specifically looking at vinyl printing; there is a huge demand for vinyl printed items. They are commonly used during events and other businesses even use them for marketing and publicity. Starting a printing business that deals with multimedia items are profitable due to the demand and diversity of requests.


This is another interesting and lucrative printing business. What I have noticed is that not many businesses are into this line of business. On this one, it is all about printing on glass surfaces. The possible uses of such printing are many. For example, I know of a company that specializes in making glass-based trophies that can be used for awards. There is also a need for labelling glass items such as glass utensils (say, in food outlets), glass doors in office buildings, and so on.


This one refers to another broad range of areas of specialization. Engraving is the practice of incising a design onto a hard, flat surface, by cutting grooves into it. As you can see possible areas of application are several e.g. stones, glass, metal, and so on. If you have or can source the necessary tools and machinery you can make money by offering engraving services.

You obviously can start all these business ideas on a small scale. The thrust, in the long run, is to scale and become reputable. These kinds of business ideas can land you big tenders worth huge amounts of money. It is crucially important that you be visible and active online. These businesses are highly visual so you must invest in luring people visually. Set up an alluring website and post engaging and visually appealing content on social media. You have to invest in sourcing digital printing equipment; it is essential for versatility and efficiency. I also advise you to in due course do at least one of the business ideas I discussed. This is because the prospects are much bigger if you become a one-stop-shop. All the best!