Freelance work has taken off in a big way as more and more small businesses pop up. There are lots of opportunities in freelance writing, graphic design, web development, software development and many more disciplines. Accounting and bookkeeping, legal matters and digital marketing strategy are all areas of opportunity. If you’ve ever thought of going freelance or are currently doing it what you need more than anything else are platforms to advertise yourself. Here are 5 that you can use.


Is the amalgamation of two freelancer platforms, oDesk and Elance. They merged to create a huge network marketplace for people to land freelance jobs. Upwork takes a 20% fee from freelancers who are getting established on their platforms. Boasting over 5 million clients and 3 million freelance jobs per year the platform is truly a big player.

Freelancer offers a platform for graphic design, web design, software development and more. The platform has a simple setup that allows those looking to advertise jobs and receive bids from freelancers. The site gives the ability to chat with members and discuss jobs advertised. It’s easy to sign up and use the platform.


Fiverr derives it’s name from the premise of the website; all jobs start from US$5. It’s an international network that connects those with skills in all types of work to those seeking freelancer services. You don’t have to stick to the US$5 of course as you can set up your services above the base.

Social media

It’s not just social media. There’s a lot of business being done on these platforms and a lot of opportunity for freelancers. The best platform for this is likely Twitter with its ability to connect to people outside your immediate circles. Hashtags like the Zimbabwean #MarketYourselfZW allow you to see who’s looking for or offering what with ease. With social media, it’s all about strategy as you can use some simple social listening tactics and get yourself recognized in relevant communities. It also provides the ability to focus geographically.


There are tonnes of online classified services that allow you to list for free. People look for things online very much and classifieds still play a big roll in this. Just remember that classifieds list things in chronological order so depending on how busy your chosen classifieds are you want to create a regular posting schedule to capture the eye of prospects. Linking the advert to your portfolio or website whichever the case will be useful. No restrictions here really and it’s all up to how you want to position yourself.

An additional tip here is to network. More freelancers get jobs by recommendation from happy clients they have worked with. Advertising online is well and good but your best adverts are always going to be your work. So combine the above methods with a good dose of online and offline networking.