We now live in times of limitless opportunities. The proliferation of the internet and social media has opened that up. Rewind some years it was unimaginable that you could learn wholly online. Yet this is now a present-hour reality. It was also unimaginable that you could learn for free, online. That is yet again something you can enjoy in this day and age. I recall around 2013, there were just a few online learning platforms. Today they are countless. Today I am sharing online platforms where you can learn about any subject.


Coursera was founded in 2012 by two Stanford University Computer Science professors. To date, the platform now has over 118 million users. Over 40 languages are supported on Coursera. Some of the courses you find on Coursera are from some of the top-rated universities in the world. Examples of such universities are Yale and Stanford. You will also find courses from global tech titans such as Google and IBM. Some of the top courses on Coursera are Accounting, Data Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning, Project Management, and more.


Often compared with Coursera, edX was developed in 2012 by MIT and Harvard. Here you will also find courses from some of the top-rated universities in the world. Some of them are MIT and Harvard. Some of the top online courses on edX are Introduction to Computer Science, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Front-end Web Development, and Introduction to Python Programming, amongst others. edX is often considered to have more depth than Coursera.


Udemy is not just an online learning platform. It is also an online teaching marketplace. This is because, on Udemy, you can actually create your own courses and sell them there. There are over 21300 online courses on Udemy. Some of the popular learning areas on Udemy are Programming Languages, Data Science, and Web Development, amongst others.


Skillshare is a library comprising more than 20000 online courses. You need to pay a monthly subscription fee to have unlimited access. On Skillshare, you can take an online class, watch video classes, and develop projects. Plus, you can also teach classes. Some of the top courses on Skillshare are Speed Reading Mastery, Productivity Master Class, Graphic Design, Photography, and Animation, to mention a few.

LinkedIn Learning

Somewhat like Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning has more than 16000 online learning courses. The courses fall under Business, Technology, Creative, and Certifications. This is, again, a platform that requires you to pay a subscription to access unlimited courses. There are free ones of courses. The courses are often packaged as comprehensive topics, e.g. Cultivating Growth Mindsets. With LinkedIn Learning, you enjoy the convenience of having a mobile app you can use.


This is one of my favourites. It is unique from all the other entries in our discussion. Their online courses are video master classes conducted by experts in certain fields. Examples of fields you will find master classes on are music production, filmmaking, writing, etc. Master Class has over 100 instructors (i.e. the experts) across 11 categories. Some of the top classes on Master Class are by Armin van Buren (dance music), Chris Voss (negotiation), James Cameron (filmmaking), Stephen Curry (basketball), Chris Hadfield (space exploration), and Gordon Ramsey (cooking).

Khan Academy

This one is a not-for-profit organization. They offer a wide range of online courses. Learning fields you can find online courses on are Computer Programming, Economics, Finance, Medicine, Biology, and many more. Khan Academy has a mission to provide free education for anyone, anywhere in the world. Some of the top online courses at Khan Academy are Computer Programming, Macroeconomics, Personal Finance, Prep SAT, and LSAT.


Udacity offers online courses aimed at talent transformation. On Udacity, you will find online courses ranging from part-time to full-time. Some top online courses on Udacity are Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Introduction to Programming, Data Science, Front End Web Development, and UX Design, among others. One of the core strengths of Udacity is that its online courses are specific and industry-oriented.


Pluralsight is committed to helping organizations, teams, and individuals develop great products. They make this possible by providing online courses that are data-driven and industry-specific. Some top online courses to consider on Pluralsight are Business Analysis, Data Science, Python, and Linux, among others.


There are over 3000 free online courses on Alison. Some of the learning categories on Alison are Health Science, Finance, Information Technology, Business Management and Administration, Marketing and Sales, Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources. Some of the most popular courses on Alison are Psychology, Microsoft Excel, Customer Service, Project Management, HR, Entrepreneurship, English Grammar, French Language, and Photography.

You will find a blend of paid-for and free online courses on all these platforms. Some courses are free to learn, but you will pay for certification. There are also opportunities to get scholarships for some of them. Thus there is something for everyone. I highly recommend enrolling for online courses on any of these platforms. I have benefitted immensely from some of these platforms, so can you!