The tech revolution that’s all around us is characterised by the emergence of new apps, software or websites virtually every day. Apps and websites are now pivotal drivers of business operations since they normally come with features that enhance productivity. As a business, it’s wise to always be on the lookout for the latest products available. With access to the right apps or websites, you can have a significant competitive advantage ahead of your competitors. So in this article, I’m discussing 10 more useful apps or websites for your business. Some of you might already be aware of some of them whilst some of you may not be. Thus, the ‘new’ aspect might denote you never having heard of them before or simply that they are relatively new on the market.


Batsira is a platform that helps prospective consumers find businesses that offer the services they will be looking for. As a business, you can freely register your business on the platform for it to be reviewed. This will help people to easily locate the best businesses in relation to goods or services they will be looking for.


This platform is useful to both businesses and consumers alike. It incentives people to promote local brands on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram by paying them commissions. You just download their app, get a referral code assigned to you and then use it when promoting goods or services. Whenever any of your promotions lead to a conversion, your account is updated. If your commissions exceed RTGS$20, you’re Ecocashed automatically; pay-outs are done weekly. Download link for the app and other relevant details are on their site.


This is a platform that provides free space for small businesses to connect with prospective customers. As a business, you can freely register and have an account there to start showcasing your brand. Even if you’re a sole trader you can freely market your goods or services on the platform. You even have the room to create a free customizable online store once you register on the site. One of the cool features on the site is that it allows pricing in rands, USD and RTGS$.


This is an app that was officially launched last December. This is a virtual tour guide that lists contact details of tourism operators or service providers for local & foreign tourists. Since Zimbabwe is quite endowed with tourist attractions, getting your business listed there can be very strategic. If you’re into accommodation, entertainment, food outlets, mass transportation, just to mention a few, you might want to have your business listed on this app. The app is available for download on the Google Play Store.

Solar Wallet

Blockchain, particularly cryptocurrency is taking root across the world and I’m confident that locally not in the distant future it will do so too. So there are now several cryptocurrency wallets that are now available.  You might get a client (local or abroad) who wants to pay in Stellar lumens. You have room to convert the xlms into fiat currencies e.g. USD within the wallet. Just position yourself for when cryptocurrency becomes a thing in Zimbabwe.


This is a web or mobile app that helps enhance productivity in business operations. It employs a freemium model i.e. there are free basic features and other features that would need to be paid for. Some of the features offered are scheduling, note-taking and other diverse clerical procedures.


This web or mobile app eliminates the need to hire a graphic designer. I’ve used this many times and it’s well-constituted. It’s perfect for easy DIY high-definition visuals with thousands of customizable templates to create fliers, posters, banners and so on.


For security, this is a must-have. Due to many digital platforms these days you will tend to have numerous passwords for your business and personal platforms. This web or mobile app helps you to vault all your passwords into one secure place. Thus, you’ll only need to recall one password – the master password to that vault. It also offers a feature that helps you to generate secure passwords.

Google CloudPrint

This is an excellent tool for wireless printing. You need only have an Android device synched to a printer linked to Google CloudPrint. The platform also has an option for media sharing with other devices that’ll be on the network.


Project management in business is of utmost importance and this web or mobile app can assist you in that regard. It helps you in aspects such as resource and time scheduling, monitoring and evaluation plus other project management related issues. It’s available on the web and Android or iOS stores. It’s free and can accommodate as many as 15 users.

So there you have it, my list of 10 more apps or websites that I’m sure will be of great value to your business. Move away from manual ways of doing things and leverage on technology. Don’t be too drawn into this narrative of Zimbabwe being too technologically backward – change the narrative. Move with the times and be ahead of your competitors.