Earlier last year I said in one of the articles I did, ‘We still need more online marketplaces in Zimbabwe. I have noticed there are a number of industries that do not have dedicated online marketplaces. Such gaps are business opportunities for those passionate about eCommerce.’ It is refreshing to see lots of activity happening to that end. Today I am sharing with you about a recent Zimbabwean online marketplace that started in December 2022. I am referring to Zimpoint and recently I had a correspondence with them. In this article, you will get to know all the core details about Zimpoint.

Kindly Tell Me Who You Are Including Your Career And Business Goals And Objectives

Zimpoint: We are an online market which allows vendors to sell and buyers to buy online. Our objective is to mimic the whole selling and buying ecosystem covering both informal (e.g. street businesses) and formal business like shops. Our home page allows informal advertising (with generic posts). Shops allow formal advertising where users can buy and checkout online.

When And How Did Zimpoint Start?

Zimpoint: Our CEO got a presidential scholarship to study Computer Science. He tells us that when they left the presidential scholarship offices in 2015 to go to Cape Town, Minister Mushowe told them to go study and come back to help the country. (This is why you see most of our services are free of charge at Zimpoint). So, we started last year beginning of December.

What Is Your Long-Term Business Vision?

Zimpoint: It is to offer a safe and reliable business place where Zimbabweans can meet and trade. Our zeal is to help grow the economy of our country while learning and then expanding.

What Kind Of Products And Services Do You Offer?

Zimpoint: Online market and delivery services upon buying from Zimpoint. Our vendors are registered and verified with their IDs. Our buyers are also verified. We connect these 2 parties when they use our online platforms and when we pick goods from the vendor and deliver them to the buyer. We are here to stay.

Which Geographical Area Do You Cater For?

Zimpoint: Currently in Zimbabwe, anyone can sell or buy from our platforms from anywhere even from Mars as long as they are a verified user and they have an internet connection.

Tell Me About Your Team (If Any). As In, It’s Size And Composition.

Zimpoint: Currently, our team has 4 people. The CEO is currently employed as a Senior Engineer and that is where we get our capital and he is our engineer. His wife does most admin tasks and offers support to customers. Then there is a team of two in Harare to assist our shop owners load content.

What Challenges Are You Currently Facing?

Zimpoint: Limited capital and a huge learning curve.

What Form Of Assistance Would You Need To Optimize And Grow Your Brand?

Zimpoint: Moral support from the government if possible.

Are You Open For Business Partnerships Or Investments?

Zimpoint: Yes

Tell Me Anything You Feel You Would Want The People Out There To Know.

Zimpoint: Did you know that you can sell or advertise your goods and services to all Zimbabweans by registering for free at zim-point.com? It is free of charge. It is very easy to use with 24/7 support. It is one point where buyers and sellers are reliably connected. There is no need to join numerous WhatsApp groups to advertise. Anyone around the world can see your products and services. You can create shops and receive sales online 24/7.

Support is free and available 24/7. You get to enjoy reliable delivery services from Zimpoint and its partners from vendors to buyers. There are both marketplace and online shops available in one place. Take advantage of thousands of viewers that visit our online platforms from our sponsored Google and Facebook ads. We are inviting everyone to give us feedback on how we can improve our systems so that we can build systems that are of relevance to a majority of people.

How You Can Get In Touch With Zimpoint

Their website which is also the web app is accessible here. To register you can simply click here. Alternatively, you can download the mobile app for either Android or iOS. Their email address is zimpointmarket@gmail.com. Their mobile phone number (for WhatsApp and Calls) is +263 78 466 1177.

Lots To Learn From Zimpoint

For those who are keen on developing web apps, and mobile apps, and generally entering the eCommerce space, there is a lot to learn from Zimpoint. When you look at the way their apps are designed and function you will see. I have touched on wide-ranging subjects pertaining to this before. Visual design, basic functionality, simplicity and ease of use are critically important, especially in eCommerce tools. Having registered and navigated both the web app and the mobile app I can tell meticulous work was put in. I also appreciated their proactive attitude towards communication. From registration to our correspondence, they were timeous and comprehensive. These are aspects that other tech entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe can and must emulate.

Never has there been a time in Zimbabwean history when buying or selling products and services has been this easy. Imagine it all being possible without the need for brick-and-mortar facilities. Imagine being able to get onto an online marketplace to buy or sell for free. These are realities that are now possible with online marketplaces like Zimpoint. The future prospects are interesting and exciting. Given the growth Zimpoint has experienced since December last year, we could be looking at a Zimbabwean eCommerce disruptor in the making.