Zimbabwe has been riddled with a perpetual string of challenges for several years. That still continues to be the case, with challenges evolving or new ones emerging. Zimbabwe is a fascinating nation nonetheless, especially when you look at Zimbabweans’ resilience. Sadly many souls have been lost due to many issues directly or indirectly linked to the economy. However, people still continue to thrive for the most part. In the past few years, we have seen the emergence of several brands in different industries. These are brands that have become household names, more so now, for the wrong reasons. I believe it is high time new disruptive startups and businesses emerge in Zimbabwe.

Ever-Decreasing Quality Of Products And Services Now A Norm

Not What It Used To Be

I will not mention the names of brands in this article. After all, I know I am preaching to the choir, so that you will get it. Most big brands seem to have dropped the ball when it comes to providing good service delivery. It boggles the mind how a notable brand can consistently deliver poor service. There are brands I used to praise a couple of years back that I cannot praise anymore. I do acknowledge that economically things have not been that good. Surely challenges for those brands can, in part, stem from that. However, it is not a pass to do things anyhow.

No Justifiable Excuse For Mediocrity

The mark of a great brand is an ability to adapt and rise above prevailing circumstances. Nowadays, it is normal to see people complaining about some big brands in Zimbabwe. I use social media every day, and I have seen this to be true daily. Lately, there have been some outcries on social media about some big brands. There are even increasing calls for more big brands to be scrutinized. It all shows us how product quality and service delivery continues to plummet.

Leading Brands Being Found Wanting

The most disturbing thing is that most of the leading brands are being found wanting. I recall this other time seeing a discussion on how most locally-made products no longer taste the same. That is another case in point. There are several causes of this decline, of course, the mercurial economy being one. The other notable cause that keeps popping up in discussions online is monopolies; let us get into that.

Monopolies Could Be Why Standards Are No Longer Prioritized

It is common knowledge that there are quite a number of monopolies. This is a discussion that does not get unpacked deeply enough in Zimbabwe. However, it is one of the most problematic areas in the business sector in Zimbabwe. These monopolies tend to be sacred cows and can do whatever they want. This means their standards can go down, and there might be zero accountability. We have continued to see this happening over and over again.

It is concerning that most Zimbabweans are then stuck with these monopolies. They will be providing indispensable products or services, yet there will be no alternatives. It is almost like putting up with an abusive partner because you have no options. Even more ironic is that monopolies tend to be so gigantic that challenging them is daunting. By ‘challenging them’, I am referring to reducing their market share by bringing in other better brands. Regardless, I do feel it is high time new disruptive businesses or startups step up.

New Disruptive Businesses Or Startups Should Step Up In Zimbabwe Now!

It is high time new disruptive businesses or startups step up in Zimbabwe. The operating environment is more than ripe for new and better players. Several issues pop up when you hear people complaining about the current players. One of the most recurrent ones is that new players should come in. That way, the current players will feel the heat and pull up their socks. Overall it will build much-needed competition. Competition leads to improvements in standards to outdo other players. Clearly, this is what Zimbabwe needs now more than ever.

We need disruptors in Zimbabwe now more than ever before! A disruptor business provides products or services that alter existing markets, in most cases even creating new ones. Setting up a disruptor business is somewhat simple, in theory. You have to look at an existing industry and see where they are lacking – challenges, if you will. Come up with a unique solution(s) that are far removed from the traditional approaches. If you manage to do that, then you have yourself a disruptor business.

Do Not Mind The Size Of The Current Players – Start From Where You Are

It might seem daunting but look away from how big the current players might be. Consider examples such as Instagram, Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, and Facebook. Those are some of the perfect examples of what disruptors are. When they came in, there were big players already. Regardless they came in, settled and grew to be the global brands they are today. The same can happen in Zimbabwe. We cannot accept mediocrity as the norm. Better and superior quality brands can emerge; you could be carrying the idea for the next big thing in Zimbabwe.

The majority of Zimbabweans are tired of complaining with no solutions to their cries. They are now eagerly waiting for better brands that can do better. That is a wave you can ride on to disrupt the industries. At the end of the day, what is most important is that people should get value for money. The operating environment is ripe and ready for you to claim your market share. You are coming in to relieve people’s pain points, and profitability will be an automatic bonus.