They keep coming; as I have always said it is a necessary trend for eCommerce to become mainstream in Zimbabwe. Before the advent of the pandemic, you could count the number of eCommerce enterprises in Zimbabwe. Most Zimbabweans did not even know then that they could purchase stuff online. That is how tiny the eCommerce industry in Zimbabwe used to be. Presently much has changed and I am now accustomed to coming across new budding eCommerce startups in Zimbabwe. Today I am introducing to you Urban Edge.

Who Urban Edge Is And How It Started

Urban Edge is an online store, with no physical store to visit and do window shopping. They only have a pickup point in Avondale and Harare CBD. Once you buy online it takes 3 to 5 days for your order to be ready to be delivered or for pickup. Currently, they are still focused on Harare as their main target market. On campaigning to be known they are focusing, long term, on Zimbabwe as a whole.

Urban Edge was started in 2019. Have you ever had a negative experience when shopping especially buying fake items thinking it is original? Having had such a disappointing experience, Urban Edge was determined that it could do a better job in the industry. Thus they decided to open their online store, where a variety of products could be purchased at the click of a button and delivered straight to the customers’ homes.

Urban Edge’s Product And Service Range

Urban Edge’s core focus is online retail. They take great pride in offering thousands of customers the items they love for less, with absolutely no compromise on quality or style. How is this possible? Quite simply, they work with suppliers around the world, sourcing a wide range of items of the highest standards.

Over the years, they have developed fantastic, long-lasting relationships with many global manufacturers. By cutting out the middleman, they work directly together. This has given them the flexibility to reduce their prices, to give you, their customers, great convenience and sensational deals daily. Step out in style in their alluring array of fashion, furniture, home appliances, electronics and many more.

Their unique value proposition is a home delivery service. Once you buy online, it takes 3 to 5 days for your order to be ready to be delivered or for pickup.

The Team Behind The Urban Edge Brand

Urban Edge is a family-owned business, owned and run by the Tapera family. Since the capital is spread within the family, each member has a certain role mainly in methods of reaching the market.

Current Challenges

Their major challenge is internet access for prospective and existing customers. That comes as no surprise given the internet accessibility dynamics in Zimbabwe. If it is not erratic or non-existent internet infrastructure then it is the steep cost of purchasing data. This makes it difficult for many to use Urban Edge as their shopping choice. The other challenge is that they are yet to develop mobile apps for Android and iOS users. Then the third challenge is limited capital to develop a standard pickup point.

What You Can Do To Push the Urban Edge Brand Forward

Urban Edge believes each client they get has to give them another client by referral means. It may not be tomorrow but someone will be referred. Word of mouth marketing and subsequent referrals are some of the biggest drivers of online sales. You can play an active role in that. Urban Edge sells top-quality and authentic brands. Why would you be proud of wearing a fake NIKE? You can also play another role by following their social media accounts. This gives you access to their virtual shops which allow you to see their products. Then once you like something you can order or buy it through email, their website or WhatsApp.

Important to note: Urban Edge is open for business investments. When it comes to business partnerships; they are yet to open that door.

Here is a note from Urban Edge, ‘Online shopping is real, save you the hustle of walking around looking for an item which can be found by using your phone or laptop. We are still listing more products on our site; most of the stuff can be bought on our platform’.

Their WhatsApp contact number is +263 71 980 7480. By contacting it you will be in touch with Phineas Tapera. You can check out their website here. You can also email them at They are also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.