Zimbabwe is characterised by low disposable incomes, an unstable local currency, and a whole host of other issues. This creates a general norm where people lean more towards buying cheaper stuff. That it is characteristic for most people to do price comparisons and the like. Given all that, it comes as no surprise why second-hand items are a hit. So long something has considerable quality, durability, and is affordable most Zimbabweans will not mind buying it. So, that creates a good excuse for us to discuss the best second-hand markets or businesses in Zimbabwe.

Second-Hand Vehicles

No doubt this is one of the most active second-hand markets or business areas in Zimbabwe. Despite the stringent regulations that were recently enacted, second-hand vehicle imports continue to happen. Literally, every town or city in Zimbabwe is now laden with car sales with the sole or predominant focus being second-hand vehicles. Second-hand vehicles over the years have made it largely easier for more people to purchase vehicles.

Brand new vehicles are pricey and this is further exacerbated by a virtually non-existent local car assembly market. So, second-hand vehicles are a good business venture though you have to be strategic about it. I have noticed there is more competition now than before so be cognizant of that.

Second-Hand Clothing

This is yet another active market; actually, one of the most cited examples of businesses to venture into in Zimbabwe is buying and selling second-hand clothing items. They are sourced in the form of second-hand bales from places like Mozambique and even from as far as the UK. The success of the business depends on the type of clothing you settle for. The list to choose from is comprehensive because it is possible to find all sorts of clothing in existence. At times the trick is to buy and sell something that is in season. For example, we are in the thick of the winter season so stuff like winter boots, winter coats, morning gowns, and so on, will really sell.

Second Hand Home And Office Furniture

In some of my articles, I have often advised on getting second-hand furniture. This can be for your home or your office; it can be cheaper and better than buying something brand new. More and more people are starting businesses thus some of them need to open physical offices. For others, they are settling for home offices too. Then we have more and more people looking to start their individual lives. I am referring to those starting homes alone or as newlyweds.

All these people would gladly jump onto opportunities that entail second-hand furniture. For as long as the furniture is in mint condition and reasonably priced people will buy. This is even a hint to those looking to raise some money, say, for some business venture. You can consider some furniture items that you no longer need. Selling off such can raise some substantial amount of money for emergencies or business ventures.

Pre-Loved Electronic Gadgets And Accessories

This is a comprehensive list that includes gadgets such as stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, sound systems, televisions, laptops, and so on. Any working pre-loved electronic gadget will sell because they tend to be in demand. Homemakers, those starting businesses, students, and individuals represent a broad and diverse pool of potential clients for pre-loved electronic gadgets and related accessories.

Pre-Loved Mobile Devices And Accessories

Lots of people are starting businesses involving the sale of mobile devices – phones and accessories. A have a friend who is into this type of business and it is possible on average to realize at least US$30 profit every day. He does not sell pre-loved devices but it is a lucrative domain nonetheless. A pre-loved smartphone can be almost half the price of a brand new one. Lots of people would prefer that because you will get to spend less money and have a working phone. You can even source refurbished mobile devices that you can then sell. It is a domain worth exploring; you just have to be careful to not sell or buy stolen items.

Second Hand Machinery

When dealing with machinery there is so much we can talk about. The possible types of machinery to focus on are infinite in number. Every single industry has some associated machinery used in it. Just like any other field, many potential clients are looking to buy second-hand items because they are cheaper but get the job done. You just have to do some study to figure out what sells. You can source and sell or you can sell what you have personally.

In these types of businesses, the most important thing is, to be honest, and to be ethical. Make sure you are not dealing with stolen goods; that will get you and even those you sell to into trouble. You must also be honest about the state of stuff you are selling; do not mislead people. It is always noble to honestly tell customers the actual state and even history, where applicable, of a second-hand item in question.